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Literature in Context by Rick Rylance, Judy Simons


Literature in Context by Rick Rylance, Judy Simons

This book examines a key topic in modern literary studies. Contextual factors shape our perception of how literary texts are made, and how they are read. Their understanding is fundamental to the study of English at undergraduate level and is becoming increasingly important at 'A' Level. This book contains accessible essays by leading scholars on the contextual understanding of works of literature from Chaucer to the present day. The writers and texts chosen are central in 'A' Level and undergraduate syllabuses. The book is endorsed by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and the Council for College and University English (CCUE).


'Excellent contextualisation of the texts/authors selected, coupled with welcome illustrative (detailed) textual analysis. It's also readable - a pleasant change from some of the theoretically-based studies currently in print, which are frequently inaccessible to students.' - Peter Heaney, Staffordshire University 'I'm impressed by this collection. Although the editors mention A/AS level as the intended audience, I feel this will be suitable for 1st year BA. I am ordering multiple copies for the library, and recommending it as a key supplementary text on our new 1st year literature course.' - R.J. Spence, Edge Hill University College 'An excellent introduction to the idea of placing authors/texts in their historical and social context.' - David Olive, Manchester Metropolitan University 'An excellently accessible and succinct series of essays.' - Maggie Humm, University of East London 'I would buy anything by Rick Rylance, since he is one of the most readable, lucid and informative academic writers around. This will be particularly helpful to lecturers in English who want to know what to expect of students who have taken the new A-level courses, and to prospective undergraduates, as a splendid introduction to literary studies in general and contextualisation in particular.' - S. Byrne, University of Oxford'

About the Author

RICK RYLANCE is Dean of the School of Arts and Letters at Anglia Polytechnic University and Professor of Modern English Literature. He is also currently Chair of the Council for College and University English.JUDY SIMONS is Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at De Montfort University.

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Publication date

11th May 2001


Rick Rylance, Judy Simons

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Author 'Like for Like'


Palgrave Macmillan


244 pages


Literary studies: general
Prose: non-fiction



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