Creativity Now Get inspired, create ideas and make them happen now!

by Jurgen Wolff

Creativity Now Get inspired, create ideas and make them happen now! Synopsis

Creativity Now ensures creative stimulation never runs dry. Itself creative in both content and design, it? s a book that entrepreneurs, writers, managers, marketers, and anybody else who needs a practical path to innovation can turn to and instantly find a way generate new ideas.It's divided into four key segments of the creative process: DREAMING consists of 25 ideas for about how to get yourself into a creative state of mind quickly. It includes quick brain exercises, physical exercises that integrate the two lobes of the brain, and methods for engaging all your senses.ORIGINATING reveals 25 ways to come up with ideas when you don? t have any. It includes the opposite technique (starting with the opposite of what you? re trying to invent or create), juxtaposition of words and images to create new combinations, and stepping into creative alter egos.VARYING shows 25 ways to come up with more creative variations of something that already exists. These include making it bigger, making it smaller, and changing the target audience.ADAPTING provides 25 ways to be inspired by the most creative things people have come up with in the last few decades, including examples from the worlds of business, the arts, and science. Each case includes prompt questions that will help the reader adapt these breakthroughs to his or her own situation.The book is true to its own spirit by incorporating creative typography, cartoons, antique art, unusual layouts, and provocative checklists and quizzes. The style is concise and entertaining, making it a book to keep handy to refer to whenever a fresh idea is needed.

Book Information

ISBN: 9780273724674
Publication date: 15th October 2009
Author: Jurgen Wolff
Publisher: Pearson Life an imprint of Pearson Education Limited
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 224 pages
Categories: Business innovation, Memory improvement & thinking techniques,

About Jurgen Wolff

Author of ? Focus: the power of targeted thinking,? a Pearson title that has had a gratifyingly good reception this year, ? Your Writing Coach? (Nicholas Brealey Publishing? 2007 and just reprinted), ? Do Something Different,? a collection of 100 case studies of innovative marketing (Virgin Books), and ? Successful Scriptwriting? (Writers Digest Press, with Kerry Cox). He has also written many articles, including a personal development column for the Times Educational Supplement. As mentioned above, his ? Brainstorm? creativity e-bulletin has circa 2500 subscribers.The author's own creative endeavours have included writing more than 100 episodes of television, including ? Relic Hunter,? ? Benson,? and ? Family Ties,? a feature film ...

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