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The Cluetrain Manifesto The end of business as usual by Christopher Locke, Rick Levine

The Cluetrain Manifesto The end of business as usual


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The Cluetrain Manifesto The end of business as usual by Christopher Locke, Rick Levine

Markets are conversations. Talk is cheap. Silence is fatal. You must read the Cluetrain Manifest. So: read it , inhale it. If it pisses you off...GREAT Tom Peters What if the real power of the Web lay not in the technology behind it, but in the profound changes it brings to the way people interact with business? And what if these changes were altering the nature of your company as profoundly as they have changed your markets? With language as sharp and compelling as its observations. burst unexpectedly onto the scene with 95 Theses to ignite a vibrant and viral conversation, making hash of corporate assumptions about the nature of online business. Provocative, outrageous and wickedly smart, the manifesto has challenged executives from Global 1000 companies to sign-on or risk missing a genuine revolution. Expanding on ideas and insights first nailed up on the Web. The Cluetrain Manifesto both signals and explores a sea change already nearing flood tide in today's wired world. Through the Internet, people are discovering new ways to share relevant knowledge with blinding speed. As a result, markets are getting smarter than most companies. Whether management understands it or not, networked employees are an integral part of these borderless conversations. Today, customers and employees are communicating with each other in language that is natural, open, direct and often funny. Companies that aren't engaging in them are missing an unprecedented opportunity. A rich tapestry of anecdotes, object lessons, parodies, insights and predictions. The Cluetrain Manifesto illustrates how the Internet has radically reframed the immutable laws of business - and what business needs to know to weather the seismic aftershocks. When people in networked markets can get faster and smarter information from one another than from the companies they do business with, it may be time to close shop. Or, maybe it's just time to get on The Cluetrain and fully understand that your customers are living, breathing creatures who want one-to-one relationships with your company, not just one-way rhetoric. Don Peppers, co-founder of Peppers and Rogers Group, and co-author of The One to One For every consumer-products company wondering why its internet marketing doesn't seem to be working Business Week The most important business book since in Search of Excellence. Get a clue. Read the book Information Week... Most marketing campaigns are based on the fear that the market might see what's really going on isnide the company. Sound familiar? If it does then you've already come across the Cluetrain Manifesto...... If you haven't already then you should make it your business to do so.... Until big brands embrace more of the Cluetrain thinking, the anti-capitalist rioters might just have a point. Campaign, August 2001


More Reviews (As if you needed any more encourgement to read this book!)

These roublemakers are going to get what they deserve - a hug and enthusiastic following. Esther Dyson, Chairman, EDventure Holdings

Should be read cover to cover before anyone embarks on an online venture. Internet Works, March 2003 What if the real attraction of the Internet is not its cutting-edge bells and whistles or any of the advanced technology that underlies its pipes and wires? Thanks to the Web, the people who are the market are telling one another the truth, in their own voices, even if business isn't paying attention. The Cluetrain Manifesto is the absolutely brilliant creation of four marketing gurus who have renounced marketing-as-usual. - Thomas Petzinger, JR., The Wall Street Journal The Cluetrain Manifesto is a wake-up call to the corporate status quo. It presents a stunning tapestry of anecdotes, object lessons, parodies, war stories and suggestions, all aimed at illustrating what it will take to survive and prosper in the fast-forward world on the wire. If you don't think you need this book to better understand your market - that's your second mistake - Seth Godin (author of Permission Marketing) Campaign Magazine August 2001 Consumers are hitting back at uncaring and insensitive corporate cultures, and marketers who are worried about the effect on their brand's image could do worse than look to the Manifesto for some guidance.

The Cluetrain Manifesto highlights a growing sensitivity to the authenticity of brands and the meaninglessness of advertising products as different to what they really are......The Manifesto has made businesses realise that building relationships with customers is the name of the game. Without genuine dialogue you're dead.

The real test of the Cluetrain's impact though, will be its effect on marketing strategy. And already observers believe we're starting to see Cluetrain influences in recent high-profile work. Take Fallon's advertising for Skoda, which built on the premise that Skoda cars were perceived as having about as much style and engineering finesse as a skip.....

Such changes in strategy do to a certain extent reflect its preachings...

Until big brands embrace more of the Cluetrain thinking, the anti-capitalist rioters might just have a point.

About the Author

Rick Levine is co-founder and CTO of Mancala, Inc. Before Mancala, he was Web Architect for Sun Microsystems', Java Software Group, responsible for the creation of much of the public web interface For and the Java Developer Connection. He is also author of The Sun Guide To Web Style Christopher Locke publishes Entropy Gradient Reversals from Boulder, Colorado. He has worked for Fujitsu, Ricoh, Carnegie Mellon University, Merklermedia, MCI, and IBM, and has written extensively for publications such as Forbes, Byte, Internet World, Information Week, and the Industry Standard. Doc Searls is the senior editor for Linux Journal, where he covers emerging business issues. He is a marketing veteran who co-founded Hodskins Simone & Searls, which for years was one of Simone & Searls, which for years was one if Silicon Valley's leading advertising agencies. He has written on science, technology and business for OMNI, PC Magazine, Upside, The Globe and Mail, and his own Web'zine, Reality 2.0.David Weinberger is the publisher of JOHO (Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization). He is a commentator on National Public Radio's All Things Considered and a columnist for KMWorld and Intranet Design Magazine. He has written for a wide variety of magazines, including Wired, The New York Times, and Smithsonian, and gives talks around the world on what the Web is doing to business.

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17th May 2000


Christopher Locke, Rick Levine

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224 pages


Business strategy
Impact of science & technology on society
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E-commerce: business aspects



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