McGraw-Hill's 400 Essential SAT Words

by Denise Pivarnik-Nova

McGraw-Hill's 400 Essential SAT Words Synopsis

Ace the vocabulary on the new SAT with this surefire study guide! The new SAT I is here - and the vocabulary is slated to be more challenging than ever. This vocabulary is now included in reading passages and sentence completions, and you'll be expected to know the correct words based on the context. That's why you must have this book! McGraw-Hill's 400 Essential SAT Words gives you an expert's proven method, guaranteed to increase your command of the 400 vocabulary words most often tested on the SAT.You get a complete introduction to the newly revised SAT vocabulary elements, a detailed review of the 400 words and their meanings, and plenty of sentence completion and words-in-context stories to help prepare you for the real thing. Plus, this powerhouse guide also offers you: chapters on how to identify synonyms, roots, prefixes, suffixes and how to paraphrase sentences; simulated verbal reasoning exercises for the new SAT I Theme cluster groupings to help reinforce your usage ability and understanding; memory tips and techniques to boost your retention; and, drills and exercises after every word cluster and story. Complete with valuable test-taking tips for the new SAT I, McGraw-Hill's 400 Essential SAT Words is the only guide you need to master the vocabulary sections and score well on this high-stakes exam!

Book Information

ISBN: 9780071434942
Publication date: 1st August 2004
Author: Denise Pivarnik-Nova
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional an imprint of McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 224 pages
Categories: Language teaching & learning (other than ELT),

About Denise Pivarnik-Nova

Denise Pivarnik-Nova is the coordinator for the Minnesota Advanced Placement Incentive Program. She is also an advanced placement specialist and item writer for the SAT and other standardized tests for the College Board and Educational Testing Service. She has been involved with the College Board since 1980 and has many expert insights into its standardized tests. She lives in Robbinsdale, Minnesota.

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