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The Book Eaters

"Sitting on the edge of horror this beautifully fantastical tale focuses on a mother desperately trying to protect her mind-eating child."

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This title will be released on 18/08/2022. Pre-order now.

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Meet a fabulously different and new voice in fiction, if you hunger for uniquely mysterious and intensely wondrous reading feasts then stop right here. Surviving on a diet of words and ink, the six remaining Book Eater families of the UK are struggling to continue their lines. When one of Devon’s children is born instead as a Mind Eater, they evade pursuit and attempt to find a cure. I stepped into a world that immediately enveloped and made me its own. All my senses were on full alert as I realised that author Sunyi Dean had created something completely and daringly new. There is a deeply dark feel that permeates every page, and it comes with a warning as violence and abuse feature yet hope and love exist and flourish. There were times when I felt horrified, even as I understood the paths that were taken. While the location felt familiar, the Book Eater families stamped all over recognisable and took my mind into the unknown. This new addition to our LoveReading Star Books is a bewitchingly addictive reading experience. Promise me there’s more, promise! The Book Eaters is a richly dark fantasy debut and brings new meaning to the term bookworm, enter if you dare.

Liz Robinson

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