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The Never Game

"Full of intoxicating action, thoughtful and clever, this thriller is a fabulous reading experience."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

A breathtaking, riveting, fabulous reading experience awaits in this absolute belter of a thriller. Colter Shaw starts to investigate the case of a missing student, it appears that the kidnapper is playing a game that is about to turn deadly. The prelude sounded a klaxon, the chapter heading and dramatic content ensured I was on full alert. Each short, wonderfully written chapter added layer upon intricate layer and increased the tension. Jeffery Deaver is a master storyteller, his stories are so incredibly easy to read yet wonderfully clever. This book is full of intoxicating action, I also found myself wondering and considering as my thoughts and feelings were thoroughly provoked. Colter Shaw is someone you would want on your side, a hunter with humility and empathy. I am sooo excited that this is the start to a new series, I simply can’t wait to find out more about Shaw! ‘The Never Game’ is a book you can escape into and fully immerse yourself in until you have to come up for air - absolutely wonderful!

Liz Robinson

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Reader Reviews

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Shaw is an exceedingly well developed character and Deaver's precise attention to detail is totally remarkable and unlike any other author indeed.

The Never Game is the first in a brand new investigative series written by renowned thriller writer Jeffrey Deaver and featuring a fabulous new character 'Colter Shaw'. Shaw is an itinerant 'reward-seeker', someone who finds missing people in return for the reward money and makes a refreshing change to the run of the mill, private investigator/bounty hunter stories that normally relate in the hunt for missing persons. Shaw is an exceedingly well-developed character and Deaver's precise attention to detail is totally remarkable and unlike any other author indeed. The descriptions of the locations featuring in the story allow for perfect clarity of vision and the way the story is told in such immense detail, you immediately feel a part of the intriguing story and know exactly what is going on in each intelligently written chapter.... Read Full Review

Miriam Smith

A fast paced story where computer games meet reality with tragic consequences.

Colter Shaw is a “Rewarder” (although he hates the term). The modern day equivalent of a bounty hunter, he searches online for rewards offered for finding missing persons – then he finds them, almost always successfully, and claims the reward. His rather eccentric childhood gave him a firm grounding in the tracking, psychology, self defence and tactical skills that make him perfect for the job.

His latest job, to find missing student Sophie Mulliner, leads him into the complex 21st century world of computer gaming, and the businesses that develop and sell the games, so when he successfully finds Sophie but another kidnap, then a third, using similar methods occurs, he offers to work pro bono in order to track down the person behind the kidnappings.

A lot happens in this book – a LOT.... Read Full Review

Jane Willis

A truly thrilling story - a must read!!

This is a book that is sure to please a whole host of readers as it covers many genres and is one of the best books that I have read in a long time.

The Never Game by Jeffrey Denver is a truly riveting and must-read book which will keep the reader's attention and anticipation of the story from beginning to end with a "who? what? where?" in every chapter.

Sophie, an American teenager disappears and her father, despite calling in local law enforcement agencies for help, feels they are not doing something quickly enough.... Read Full Review

Catherine Bryce