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The Woman in the Window

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

February 2018 Debut of the Month.

Oh my word, this is an absolutely cracking psychological thriller. Anna is unable to leave her house, she views the world from her window and connects with it on her laptop, when she witnesses a horrific incident in a neighbouring house, turmoil awaits. The first few pages set me on edge, and I remained on high alert throughout the story, doubting and questioning my own reasoning. Even if you suspect, you can’t be confident, and there are plenty of shocks and surprises lying in wait. Set over a few weeks, the short chapters whipped into my consciousness, yet the story reveals itself gradually. A. J. Flynn allows the tension to build, slowly, torturously, and exquisitely. Anna tells her own story, wounded herself, can she be trusted? When the revelations came, they spilled from the page and slapped my thoughts. So clever and focused, yet utterly mind-bending, ‘The Woman in the Window’ is a heart-hammering read and I highly recommend stepping into Anna’s world.

Liz Robinson

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Reader Reviews

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Wow! Reading this was like being on a roller coaster without brakes. This will be THE psychological thriller of 2018. Believe the hype – this is absolutely stunning.

Trapped in her own home for the past year, Dr Anna Fox now lives her life vicariously, through the lives of those around her. Once a successful child psychologist, wife and mother, her world has now shrunk to that of online chess, merlot and old black and white movies. As the lives of her neighbours unfold before her windows, Anna self-medicates and watches. The normality of others echoes Anna’s past, the time before she became agoraphobic, the time before everything changed. Then a chance Halloween prank reopens Anna’s life to the outside world and her new neighbours, the Russells. Alistair, Jane and their teenage son Ethan – a good boy, Anna the child psychologist can tell. No secrets there. But can you really piece together lives from snapshots? From infrequent glimpses and imagined conversations?

Sarah Harper

Brilliant writing and broken down into very short chapters which builds the suspense and just kept me turning the pages - just one more chapter!!! I Recommend it whole heartedly and can't wait for more from this author.

If you love a really good psychological thriller which will keep you guessing until the very end this is the book for you. Absolutely brilliant.

I absolutely loved this book and read it in two sittings. I've come across a few books similar to this where there is a 'watcher at the window' and not enjoyed any of them. This is completely different and really is a psychological thriller. 

The main character had me veering from sympathetic to her problems to disbelief at her behaviour and I never knew what was real and what was not until near the end of the book.

Sheila Dale

This debut novel, took me into the early hours of the morning to read, and once finished I let go of the breath I had been holding! Think of your favourite Hitchcock film in book form and you have ‘The Woman in the Window’.

New York City, a bustling place, people living close by, close enough to spy on, from the safety of your own home,, using a Nikon D5500,  this is exactly what Anna Fox does.  A recluse living alone, yes she has a husband or did, they are separated, and a daughter, Olivia who sated with him.  Ten long months , stuck in the house, unable to even put one foot outside her door, Anna relies on the Internet, uses it to help other people like herself, You see Anna is a doctor, able to help others but not herself.   

Time passes quickly when you are busy watching other people go about their daily business and Anna loves it, making up conversations in her head, Then the Russells move in: Mother, father and a teenage son, the perfect all American family.   Looking out

Angie Rhodes