On The Run

by Gregg Hill and Gina Hill

Biography / Autobiography

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The first book to examine what it’s like to grow up under the FBI’s Witness Protection Program for these are the children of Henry Hill, the man who gave evidence against the mafia which was filmed as Goodfellas and written about in Wiseguy.  Constantly on the move and in fear of discovery, these kids had an equally bad time coping with their hopeless father.  If you loved Sickened you’ll love this.

Sarah Broadhurst

On The Run Synopsis

By the son and daughter of Henry Hill - immortalised in the book Wiseguy and the Martin Scorsese film Goodfellas - On The Run is the harrowing account of a childhood spent coping with an explosive father whilst dodging Mafia payback. Henry Hill's business partner, Jimmy Burke has whacked every person who could possibly implicate him in the infamous Lufthansa robbery at JFK airport. On his way to prison, lifelong ganster Henry is given two options: sleep with the fishes, or enter the FBI's Witness Protection Program. Gregg and Gina are dragged along for the ride. Like nomads, they're forced to wander from state to state, constantly inventing new names and finding new friends, only to abandon them at a moment's notice. Living under constant fear of being found and killed. But Henry, the rock Gregg and Gina so desperately need, is a heavy cocaine user and knows only the criminal life. He is soon up to his old tricks and consistently putting their identities in jeopardy. And so it continues until the kids, now almost grown, can no longer ignore that the Mob might be less of a threat to them than remaining under the roof of their increasingly unbalanced father.

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ISBN: 9780099478942
Publication date: 13/10/2005
Publisher: Arrow Books Ltd
Format: Paperback (a Format)

Book Information

ISBN: 9780099478942
Publication date: 13th October 2005
Author: Gregg Hill and Gina Hill
Publisher: Arrow Books Ltd
Format: Paperback (a Format)
Genres: Biography / Autobiography,

About Gregg Hill and Gina Hill

Gregg and Gina Hill were swept away from their lives at a very young age to enter the Witness Protection Program with their father and mother. This is the first time they've spoken about their experiences. They currently live in different parts of the US under aliases. 

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