The Witches of Chiswick

by Robert Rankin


LoveReading View on The Witches of Chiswick

Publishers are forever trying to compare this man and Tom Holt to Terry Pratchett. The only comparison is that they all write satirical comic fantasy. There is no substitute for Terry Pratchett but Robert Rankin is very much his own man and I love him. This wacky tale has the lovely idea that the Victorians actually rewrote history courteous of a cabal of witches. It’s fab.

Sarah Broadhurst

The Witches of Chiswick Synopsis

We have all been lied to. A great and sinister conspiracy exists to keep us from uncovering the truth about our past.

Have you ever wondered how Victorians like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells dreamed up all that fantastic futuristic fiction? Did it ever occur to you that it might just have been based upon fact? That THE WAR OF THE WORLDS was a true account of real events? That Captain Nemo’s Nautilus even now lies rusting at the bottom of the North Sea? That there really was an invisible man?
And what about the other stuff? Did you know that Queen Victoria had a sexual relationship with Dr Watson, partner of the real-life detective Sherlock Holmes? Or that the elephant man was a product of an E.T./human hybridisation programme? Or that Jack the Ripper was a terminator robot sent from the future?

Read on: and learn how a cabal of Victorian Witches from the Chiswick Townswomen’s Guild, working with advanced Babbage super-computers, rewrote 19th Century history, and how a 23rd Century boy called Will Starling uncovered the truth about everything.

The Witches of Chiswick Press Reviews

'The master of oddball fiction'

'The concept it great . . . a time-travelling adventure full of intrigue, mystery and conspiracy'

'Rankin's prose is like a mind-expanding drug . . . beware, lest you find yourself addicted'

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ISBN: 9780575085442
Publication date: 03/12/2009
Publisher: Gollancz
Format: Paperback

Book Information

ISBN: 9780575085442
Publication date: 3rd December 2009
Author: Robert Rankin
Publisher: Gollancz
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 416 pages
Genres: Fantasy,
Categories: Fantasy,

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Robert Rankin is an unrepentant Luddite who writes his bestselling novels by hand in exercise books. He is the author of THE HOLLOW CHOCLATE BUNNIES OF THE APOCALYPSE, THE WITCHES OF CHISWICK, The Brentford Trilogy (5 books), The Armageddon Quartet (3 books) and many more. 

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