What to Do About Everything : A Manual for Domestic Life

by Barbara Toner

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LoveReading Expert Review of What to Do About Everything : A Manual for Domestic Life

Written in an easy friendly style, a comprehensive – to say the least – guide to what to about everything in the house (or flat). DIY or get the experts in? DIY or get someone else to do it? As with packed school lunches, basic information is given but Barbara Toner recommends getting the children making their own as soon as possible – as soon as they’ve made their own bed that is. I’ve spent an entertaining hour trying to think up household disaster scenarios to catch out Ms Toner but I haven’t succeeded – this really is What to Do About Everything.


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What to Do About Everything : A Manual for Domestic Life Synopsis

Life in the modern household has become much more complicated than it was for previous generations. Our roles are increasingly multi-layered, our ambitions further reaching and our expectations completely unreasonable. Juggle a successful and fulfilling career with raising children/pets, servicing the car/bike, maintaining a social life, exercising, cooking a balanced diet, repairing the broken kitchen pipes and managing a regular grooming schedule? Completely doable, in theory. But how exactly? What to Do about Everything is the ultimate householders' guide to twentyfirst century living. It covers everything from changing a tyre to surviving divorce, and addresses all sorts of households, not just the traditional nuclear family. This comprehensive book covers household relationships, time management, household administration, money, where to live, home renovations, chores, clothes care, food, home repairs, transport, childcare and rearing, grooming and healthcare, holidays, home entertainment, socialising etiquette, life changes (death, job loss, moving) and much more. Modern life is stressful. Nothing contains stress better than order; nothing relieves it better than knowing what must be done.

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ISBN: 9781740667111
Publication date: 1st February 2011
Author: Barbara Toner
Publisher: Hardie Grant Books
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 336 pages
Primary Genre Household management and home hints

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ISBN: 9781740667111
Publication date: 01/02/2011
Format: Paperback

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Barbara Toner is a writer and journalist who has written extensively about family life in books (both fiction and non-fiction) and newspaper columns.  She is perhaps best-known as the author of A Mother’s Guide to Life and A Mother’s Guide to Husbands, based on her long-running column in the Mail on Sunday YOU magazine. Barbara also wrote an ironic news column for the Guardian, and was the author of a fictional weekly column, Tales from Tessa Wood, in Woman magazine.Barbara is married with three daughters and divides her time between homes in London and ...

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What to Do About Everything : A Manual for Domestic Life
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