Wintercraft : Blackwatch

by Jenna Burtenshaw

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April 2011 Book of the Month.

The fantasy adventure that began with Jenna’s debut novel Wintercraft continues with Blackwatch. In the trade this type of book is called a crossover novel, so was written with teenagers in mind but is a guilty pleasure for grown–ups (e.g Twilight). The heroine Kate is on trial, wrongly accused of murder and hunted by elite assassins desperate to stop her using her powers. Bursting with mystery and danger with a sprinkling of fun and not forgetting some ‘kick ass characters..

Wintercraft : Blackwatch Synopsis

Kate has escaped the clutches of the High Council and Silas has left Albion for the continent. But their lives are forever linked and as the veil weakens, causing Albion's skilled to fear for everyone's safety, Silas and Kate find themselves drawn together by the mysterious and corrupt Dalliah Grey.

Wintercraft : Blackwatch Press Reviews

'Jenna Burtenshaw's debut comes as a breath of fresh air -- or should that be foul? Like Jospeh Delaney's The Spook's Apprentice, it comes from somebody who is a born writer and who has a genuinely scary premise (...) a genuine graveyard chill. Huge fun, and deliciously shivery.' -- Amanda Craig, The Times

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ISBN: 9780755371228
Publication date: 14/04/2011
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing an imprint of Headline Publishing Group
Format: Paperback

Book Information

ISBN: 9780755371228
Publication date: 14th April 2011
Author: Jenna Burtenshaw
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing an imprint of Headline Publishing Group
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 288 pages
Genres: Books of the Month, eBook Favourites, Fantasy,
Categories: Fantasy & magical realism (Children's / Teenage),

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Jenna Burtenshaw on herself...   'I was born on the 4th of July 1980 and given my first taste of stardom that very same day. I was presented with the dubious honour of being the biggest baby in the hospital and carried around on a tour of the building as apparently befits a child of overly-large stature. Five years later, my brother Adam would be given the same tour. His title? The most beautiful baby in the hospital. Typical. At primary school I was often found lurking in the library reading books that were far too old for me. I loved ...

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