David Attenborough's First Life: A Journey Back in Time

by Sir David Attenborough, Matt Kaplan

The Real World

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November 2010 Book of the Month.


Sir David Attenborough goes back to the beginnings of life, a story he has always wanted to tell, now available in a companion volume to the new TV series. Among the many excellent photographs in the book two strands stand out, firstly the incredible Trilobite fossils excavated in Morocco and secondly the illustrations taken from the stunningly realistic new animated films giving some idea of what these creatures really looked like.  Through the book it is the development of life, the features we and all living animals have inherited from these primitive creatures that is the focus.  It’s clearly written, easily understandable, an invaluable introduction to the first life on earth.

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David Attenborough's First Life: A Journey Back in Time Synopsis

The epic story of the beginning of life on Earth from the much loved and respected naturalist, writer and broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough and with an Introduction by him that gives an insight into the making of the television series. Spanning billions of years, First Life reveals the extraordinary story of the evolution of the first life on Earth and how it then evolved - the first plant, the first animal, the first predator, the first to live on land: key moments in the development of the huge diversity of life that has lived on planet Earth. First Life unearths secrets hidden in prehistoric fossils worldwide and in addition meets the palaeontologists who have harnessed new techniques to enhance greatly our understanding of the origins of life. In this groundbreaking investigation, Attenborough travels the world, from Canada to Australia and Morocco to unearth the secrets hidden in prehistoric fossils, providing a deeper understanding of the first living creatures and the origins of our evolutionary traits.

David Attenborough's First Life: A Journey Back in Time Press Reviews

On Sir David Attenborough:



'A worthy inheritor of Alistair Cooke'

'The nation's favourite wildlife broadcaster'
The Times

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ISBN: 9780007365241
Publication date: 14/10/2010
Publisher: Collins an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
Format: Hardback

Book Information

ISBN: 9780007365241
Publication date: 14th October 2010
Author: Sir David Attenborough, Matt Kaplan
Publisher: Collins an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 288 pages
Genres: The Real World,
Categories: Natural history,

About Sir David Attenborough, Matt Kaplan

David Attenborough is one of the world's leading naturalists and broadcasters. His distinguished career spans more than fifty years, and his multi-award winning films and series have been broadcast around the world. He joined the BBC in 1952, launching his famous Zoo Quest series before rising to become controller of BBC Two and director of programmes for BBC Television. He returned to programme making in the 1970s and among his many acclaimed series are Life on Earth, The Blue Planet and Planet Earth. First Life completes the series of programmes he has made over thirty years about animal evolution by taking ...

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