A Small Part of History

by Peggy Elliott

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Written in an unembellished, reportive style, spotted with journal entries, this is the story of a family seen through the eyes of the women as they cross the vast hostile territories of America on the Oregan Trail in 1845. I was told it would make me cry but to be honest the horrendous incidents on almost every second page just overwhelmed me, leaving me numb, totally gripped but too stunned to cry. Would any of them complete the journey?

Comparison: Nancy Turner, Sara Donati.

Sarah Broadhurst

A Small Part of History Synopsis

The unforgettable story of the women who travelled the Oregon Trail in 1845 - a tale of incredible bravery told through narrative, fictional diaries and recipes.



At twenty-seven years old Rebecca has just become the third wife of John Springer. Moving into her new home has had its ups and downs - her four step-sons like and obey her, she's getting used to her new husband's ways but Sarah, her step-daughter, is proving to be more difficult.

And now, her husband has decided that the country is becoming 'too da**ned crowded' and they're going to pack up everything they can carry and travel thousands of miles across the USA. As they travel across plains, mountains and rivers, through blistering heat and blizzards that lasted for days, Rebecca does her best to feed and care for her new family, despite appalling adversity. At first Rebecca and the fifteen-year-old Sarah find their fledgling relationship stretched almost to breaking point but, eventually, their bond deepens and becomes breakable only by death.

Fascinating and heartbreaking, this remarkable novel vividly depicts the hardship and danger these brave women endured to create the America we know today.

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ISBN: 9780755344550
Publication date: 21/08/2008
Publisher: Headline Publishing Group
Format: Paperback

Book Information

ISBN: 9780755344550
Publication date: 21st August 2008
Author: Peggy Elliott
Publisher: Headline Publishing Group
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 400 pages
Genres: eBook Favourites, Historical Fiction, Reading Groups,
Categories: Historical fiction,

About Peggy Elliott

Peggy Elliott has written extensively for both television and motion pictures and has produced and directed documentaries. She cross-country skis at her home in Idaho and does volunteer work for the United Nations Population Fund in Africa.

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