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Time For Magic

"A beautifully set collection of the work of artist and anarchist Jamie Reid which feels inclusive, provocative, energising and positive."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

A dazzling, detailed, vibrant exploration of the life and work of iconic artist Jamie Reid.

Sharing the vision and legacies of Jamie Reid, whose work famously graced the Sex Pistols’ God Save the Queen single, Time for Magic radiates all the elements that made Reid so inimitable — social and political activism, punk and Situationist style, Paganism and Druidism.

Structured around the Pagan Wheel of the Year, with chapters centred on eight seasonal festivals the artist observed, the result is a richly informative, richly visual book that does mighty fine justice to Reid’s life and work, and to sharing information on said festivals.

Brimming with fascinating biographical detail covering the artist’s early life and background (his great-uncle was a Chief Druid and radical political activist), through to Reid’s influence on punk culture, rave culture, and beyond, it reveals a life driven by forward-thinking, countercultural verve, with detailed commentary on dozens and dozens of works alongside the fascinating in-conversation text from curator Stephen Ellcock and the artist’s gallerist, John Marchant.

Much like the man himself, Time for Magic is visionary, vibrant, and thoroughly thought-provoking.

Joanne Owen


A beautifully set collection of the work of artist and anarchist Jamie Reid which feels inclusive, provocative, energising and positive. In Time for Magic, best-selling author Stephen Ellcock, has selected the artwork which features Druidry and the wheel of the year, Punk, and social and political activism. I absolutely adore the curations and collections of art by Stephen Ellcock. He has the gift for sharing new and known art in a way that encourages my thoughts to examine and expand leaving me curious as well as motivated. In the introduction, representative of the Jamie Reid archive gallerist John Marchant, confirms the key to Jamie: “The idea that things can be different - more beautiful. More just. Yeah. More nurturing, more harmonious. I think that’s the essence of it: there’s always time for magic. Time for Magic should be seen as a visual manifesto for a better world, an antidote to complacency and nihilism, a call to action and an instruction manual for the re-enchantment of the planet”. John Marchant’s intimate knowledge of the art and the man shines through, he describes the work as transformative and extraordinary. Former Chief Druid Philip Carr-Gomm talks about the cycle of the seasons and our own lives. He also shares how Jamie understood the radical and political implications of following the wheel of the year, and the book walks this path. There were pages that stopped me in my tracks, the captions by John Marchant allowed me to look further, to feel a sense of united understanding. While brave, bold, and challenging, there is a sense of wonderment in our natural world and hope for the future. Joining our LoveReading Star Books and chosen as a Liz Pick of the Month, Time for Magic is a vibrant, powerful, and impressive book.

Liz Robinson

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