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Atlas of Imagined Cities

"Take time out to explore this beautifully informative atlas featuring the imaginary locations from fiction, games, and films, set within 14 world cities."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Oh what fun! This wonderful book contains imaginary locations from the fictional, gaming, television and film world. I love to spend time in an atlas, so found myself diving in and spending an age exploring the maps and information within. This follows Atlas of Imagined Places: from Lilliput to Gotham City, here we take a step further and are able to enter at the street level of cities that have been used: “as a canvas” for creation. Matt Brown and Rhys B. Davies have obviously thoroughly researched the locations, stating in the introduction: “We’ve also mapped fictional cafes, bars, nightclubs, schools, hotels, airports and at least a couple of tombs. To add a bit of spice, we’re also included points to some of fiction’s more memorable events”. They have explained their reasoning as to including the locations, supplying mini-essays, fact files, and sources. The artwork and illustrations by Mike Hall ensure the information pops with vibrant clarity. I can imagine taking this book with you to the real locations and being able to spend time in your imagination as you explore. This would make an absolutely wonderful present and so has to sit as a LoveReading Star Book. Atlas of Imagined Cities allows access to a creative world and is overflowing with information and beautifully drawn maps.

Liz Robinson

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