This Diary (World) Belongs to Molly and Jonny

by Laura Clark

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LoveReading Expert Review of This Diary (World) Belongs to Molly and Jonny

The ups, downs, ins and outs of 21st-century living, loneliness and longing are wittily dissected in this breezy Bridget Jones style diary formant novel.

Brimming with of-the-moment one-liners from two protagonists, Laura Clark’s This Diary (World) Belongs to Molly and Jonny presents pithy observations on the trials, tribulations and tingles of modern life in a slick package - perfect for fans of knowing confessionals in the tradition of Bridget Jones.

Meet Dr Molly Beaujolais and Dr Jonathan Nylon, colleagues and office neighbours at a London university. On the surface, they’re very different creatures. While Molly, a lecturer in performing arts and applied theatre, has flung herself into internet dating and enjoys the resulting flings, Jonny, a lecturer in history, is rather more concerned with the subject of medieval diseases and has little luck when it comes to love and lust. That is, until Molly catches his eye, and expands his horizons. Not that she’s necessarily aware of her impact…

Will they? Won’t they? As their respective diary entries play out against a backdrop of Brexit and the 2019 election, their story takes unexpected turns, much like the course of many relationships (and Brexit negotiations).

Joanne Owen

This Diary (World) Belongs to Molly and Jonny Synopsis

Dr Molly Beaujolais (Lecturer in Performing Arts and Applied Theatre) and Jonathan Nylon (Lecturer in History) both keep diaries and have offices next door to each other. Two unlikely lovers, particularly since much of Molly's time is taken up internet dating while Jonathan Nylon obsesses about his presentation of the battle of Narvik, his course on medieval disease and punishment and his impossible lodger, but life likes to play around with the impossible. Wickedly funny, clever and daring. And touching because it's all about being human in a very lonely world.

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ISBN: 9781911427261
Publication date: 18th August 2022
Author: Laura Clark
Publisher: Everything With Words
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 304 pages
Primary Genre Humorous Fiction
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'Accomplished, sharp, touching and wickedly funny.'

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ISBN: 9781911427261
Publication date: 18/08/2022
Format: Paperback

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This Diary (World) Belongs to Molly and Jonny
This Diary (World) Belongs to Molly and Jonny
This Diary (World) Belongs to Molly and Jonny
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