The Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails

by David Wondrich

Cookery, Food and Drink Lifestyle, Hobbies and Leisure

The Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails Synopsis

Anthropologists and historians have confirmed the central role alcohol has played in nearly every society since the dawn of human civilization, but it is only recently that it has been the subject of serious scholarly inquiry. The Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails is the first major reference work to cover the subject from a global perspective, and provides an authoritative, enlightening, and entertaining overview of this third branch of the alcohol family. It will stand alongside the bestselling Companions to Wine and Beer, presenting an in-depth exploration of the world of spirits and cocktails in a groundbreaking synthesis. The Companion covers drinks, processes, and techniques from around the world as well as those in the US and Europe. It provides clear explanations of the different ways that spirits are produced, including fermentation, distillation, and ageing, alongside a wealth of new detail on the emergence of cocktails and cocktail bars, including entries on key cocktails and influential mixologists and cocktail bars. With entries ranging from Manhattan and mixology to sloe gin and stills, the Companion combines coverage of the range of spirit-based drinks around the world with clear explanations of production processes, and the history and culture of their consumption. It is the ultimate guide to understanding what is in your glass. The Companion is lavishly illustrated throughout, and appendices include a timeline of spirits and distillation and a guide to mixing drinks.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9780199311132
Publication date: 4th November 2021
Author: David Wondrich
Publisher: Oxford University Press Inc
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 960 pages
Primary Genre Cookery, Food and Drink
Other Genres:
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David Wondrich Press Reviews

The Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails stands out as an authoritative and congenial guide to the world of hard liquor... One can consume its vast and varied knowledge in sips or long deep draughts, using its meticulously organized critical apparatus to steady oneself... the book will make an excellent companion for both the drinker and the bartender, adding savour to the beverage and the craic. - Judith Hawley, Times Literary Supplement

I have a reasonably large collection of books on the subject, but none is as comprehensive as... Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails - Tom Molloy, Irish Idependent

With 1,150 alphabetical entries, The Oxford Companion to Spirits & Cocktails is the ultimate guide to drinks terminology. It works as a dictionary and a recipe book, or something to dip into and emerge hours later. - Waitrose Drinks

Seasoned imbibers, boozers, quaffers and alcoholics please take note: here is the first major reference work to cover the subject globally. Inebriating, intoxicating, it will definitely keep your spirits up. - Robert Tanitch, Mature Times

This well-researched and executed volume is a treasure. It's a cocktail dictionary. It's a spirits lexicon. It's a mixology almanac. It's a true drinks companion - and many of us will welcome the company... engaging and often amusing, and above all it is a delightful education. - Chrissie Walker, Mostly Food & Travel Journal

A comprehensive guide, an essential addition to the reference bookshelf, to be consulted when researching the history of a spirit, the origins of a cocktail, or indeed when settling a drunken argument on any drinks-related subject, from Cognac to Coca-Cola... Rothbaum and Wondrich have marshalled a huge amount of knowledge to provide a pivotal point of reference. They should be lauded and applauded for their fine work. - Joel Harrison, Club Oenologique

There really hasn't been anything which offers such a comprehensive overview as this book does and it's well overdue... It's a treasure trove of information for anybody with the least little bit of interest in the subject. - Hayley Anderton, Shiny New Books

If I sound a little bit breathless and overexcited about this book - well, I am. There hasn't really been anything like it before which covers so much in one place... if you're looking for a Christmas present for a drinks enthusiast I don't see how you can miss with this book. - Desperate Reader

A must-have compendium for any drinks lover. - Julie Sheppard, Decanter

Magnificent... I greatly enjoyed perusing this voluminous book and will hugely enjoy owning it. - Vitali Vitaliev, E&T Magazine

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ISBN: 9780199311132
Publication date: 04/11/2021
Format: Hardback

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