The Kickass Couple 7 Secrets to Transform Your Relationship

by Dr Gloria Lee

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LoveReading Expert Review of The Kickass Couple 7 Secrets to Transform Your Relationship

This book is helpful and easy to understand. Furthermore, I found it optimistic and encouraging. I highly recommend it.

The Kickass Couple 7 Secrets to Transform Your Relationship is written by Dr. Gloria Lee, a clinical psychologist. This book will be beneficial to all couples, no matter their ages or stage of the relationship. Dr. Lee aims to empower and support couples. Single people will also benefit from this information, so they can apply it when they are in a relationship. Dr. Lee explains that by understanding our own attachment styles/needs and those of our romantic partner; we can create an unbreakable, fulfilling partnership. She uses three sources of information: research, her own childhood experiences, and the insights gained from her clinical work with couples. This is a concise book, consisting of nine chapters. She begins by defining what a “kickass” couple is. She then explains how the quality of our relationships with our primary caregivers (our childhood attachment template) affect our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about relationships. It also affects our reactions and behaviour with partners. She discusses triggers, which are unresolved childhood wounds/needs. When couples are aware of their partner’s attachment styles, they can help each other move towards secure attachment and a more fulfilling relationship. She presents us with real-life stories from couples and stories from her own experiences in her childhood and marriage. She also gives tips on improving communication. She explains all the relevant theories logically. This book is helpful and easy to understand. Furthermore, I found it optimistic and encouraging. I highly recommend it.

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The Kickass Couple 7 Secrets to Transform Your Relationship Synopsis

How do you create a successful, romantic relationship that will stand the test of time? What are the secret ingredients that makes some relationships thrive while others fail? How do you let go of doubt and fear and enjoy a long, happy marriage or relationship? Through deeply personal and moving stories, The Kickass Couple explores how you and your partner can become the vitalized couple you have always hoped you could be. You will learn how to gain a deeper understanding of your own attachment needs, and discover how to use this personal insight and awareness to create an unbreakable bond with your partner. Drawing from research, personal experience, and her clinical work as a psychologist, Dr. Gloria Lee reveals the key principles and practices you must get right to achieve a lifetime of love with your partner. Throughout the pages, you will encounter transformational lessons that redefine what true belonging in a relationship means. No matter your age or the stage of relationship you are in, you will feel empowered to improve your bonds intentionally to create the relationship you desire. In this inspirational book, Dr. Lee turns away from the traditional methods of couples counseling where quick fixes to communication breakdowns are provided. Instead, the focus is switched to empowering couples with long-term solutions that allow you to create a lasting bond together. As Dr. Lee explains, "Knowing your attachment needs and providing your partner with their attachment needs are the keys to a lasting, passionate bond." Her attachment-focused couples approach encourages a shift in mindset from "what to do" towards a "who you are" and "how to be" sense of being that encourages and enables true connection. Alongside the professional insight gained through her work in marriage counseling, Dr. Lee weaves her own story of overcoming difficulties with healthy attachment, sharing how she was able to create a happy marriage and love story that is still going strong today. Through her tips, strategies, and teachings, she demonstrates that you can experience romance and enjoy a happy, healthy, vibrant relationship, even if you are starting from a place where this does not come naturally or even feel possible. If you wish to transform your relationship into a safe and secure lifelong attachment, this book is for you. It is written for people of all ages, from all backgrounds who are ready to forge a genuine and lasting change in their love life. It is intended for couples who are young, middle-aged, old, dating, engaged, cohabitating, married, straight, gay, happy, and unhappy. The lessons are designed both for those in relationships and also for single people who want to learn the secrets to having a healthy and long-term bond. It is for couples who are in a new relationship, and equally for those who have been together for years. As you will discover in this book, you can have it all as a couple, enjoying a passionate and long-lasting relationship that nourishes your soul - you can become The Kickass Couple you have always wanted to be.

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ISBN: 9781922597830
Publication date: 13th October 2021
Author: Dr Gloria Lee
Publisher: Brentwood Counselling Centre
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 152 pages
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