The Rose Queen

by Katie Flynn

Sagas Historical Fiction

LoveReading Expert Review of The Rose Queen

From being crowned Rose Queen in her mining community, to forging a new life in a new city, this WWII saga reels with romance, and romantic conundrums.

With over a dozen heartfelt historic novels to her name, Katie Flynn here turns her compassionate touch to the life and loves of Cadi Williams, a young Welsh beauty born into a coal-mining family. Though delighted to be crowned the 1938 Rose Queen of her village, the special day only exacerbates the fact that Rhos is usually so “drab and dowdy”. As Cadi muses, “the mines ruined everything. You couldn’t escape the coal dust”.

As a result, when war breaks out, Cadi and her dear friend Poppy seize the chance to leave for what they see as the bigger, brighter lights of Liverpool. In leaving Rhos, Cadi also leaves her family and the local lad she seemed set to marry.

With the stage set for high-stakes drama, the young women have a tough of time of it in Liverpool before they find work in a pub. At the same time, Cadi finds love with a gorgeous dock worker. Cue an almighty emotional conundrum when a blast from Cadi’s past turns up in a RAF uniform…

Fragrant with love and hope, and prickling with dilemmas, fans of immersive, historic romance will be in seventh heaven reading The Rose Queen.

Joanne Owen

The Rose Queen Synopsis

It's 1938, and Cadi is chosen to be Rose Queen in the annual Rose Fete. She is thrilled to be treated like royalty for the day. But deep down she is desperate to leave the Welsh mining community where she grew up.

When war is declared, Cadi and her best friend Poppy see a chance to escape. Cadi leaves behind her parents and local boy Aled, whom she is meant to marry, for Liverpool.

But city life doesn't bring the opportunities they'd hoped for. Unable to join the forces, the girls are left looking for work in poverty-stricken Vauxhall Ward.

They secure jobs in a local pub, and Cadi's blossoming relationship with a handsome dock worker deepens after he rescues her from a terrifying encounter.

But when Aled unexpectedly appears dressed in RAF uniform Cadi finds her worlds colliding again. Now the Rose Queen must decide: who will become her King? 

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781529156799
Publication date: 17th March 2022
Author: Katie Flynn
Publisher: Penguin an imprint of Cornerstone
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 464 pages
Primary Genre Sagas
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ISBN: 9781529156799
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Katie Flynn is the author of 47 bestselling novels which have sold over 5 million copies. Her first book, A Liverpool Lass, was published in 1993. Katie Flynn was the pseudonym of the author Judy Turner, who was inspired to write the novels after hearing family recollections of life in Liverpool during the early twentieth century. Judy sadly passed away in January 2019 at the age of 82. Her daughter Holly worked as her assistant for many years and together they co-authored a number of Katie Flynn novels, including Christmas at Tuppenny Corner. The Katie Flynn legacy now lives on through Holly who writes new ...

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