by Erika Leigh Agnew


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A promising start to a new series that will no doubt capture the attention of fantasy adventure fans.

‘Dragonsown-Surface’ by Erika Leigh Agnew introduces us to an medieval kingdom, once ravaged by a war against dragons and twin brothers Kael and Keaton who realise their whole lives weren’t quite what they thought they were. The first in the Dragonsown series, ‘Dragonsown - Surface’ successfully builds a world of political and family tension as well as introducing us to two entertaining and likable lead characters in Kael and Keaton. Quite different to many of the stories I’ve read that focus on siblings and twins, and without giving too much away, Kael and Keaton have their own paths through this book and very different challenges to overcome. When Kael suffers from a mysterious illness and then disappears, Keaton is left alone to understand what is happening and keep up the search for his brother. The history of the kingdom, it’s wars and the brothers’ family connection to these events are introduced in a way that adds vibrancy to the story but without side-lining the main plot. With revelations and long-held grudges I’m sure there’s plenty more challenges facing Kael and Keaton in future books. A promising start to a new series that will no doubt capture the attention of fantasy adventure fans.

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

Dragonsown-Surface Synopsis

An ancient kingdom once ravaged by a war against dragons is rebuilt from ruin by four prominent families. Descended from two of these families is KAEL OF RENWICK, a young man terrified he might be dying. Frequent crippling pains in his head and stomach have grown unbearable. Hallucinations lead Kael to believe a dark creature is stalking him. In the blink of an eye, he can be possessed by an inexplicable rage. Frightened, Kael withdraws. He hides his misgivings as the already tense relationship with his father, LORD GRAYDON, degrades. Even Kael’s twin brother KEATON, begins to question his strange behaviour. Kael faces a difficult choice. One is to confess to his growing illness, be deemed weak and risk losing his future dukedom. The other is to suffer deteriorating health in secret but keep his dukedom and the chance to marry the girl of his dreams. The choice is made for him when Kael begins hearing the voices. Overtaken by fear and doubt, Kael leaves to search for answers. Help arrives in the unlikely form of his uncle, long believed dead, and a wyvern, a creature who, to Kael’s discomfort, is closely related to dragons. Together, they guide Kael through a maze of lies and myth, revealing the truth of Kael’s family’s involvement in the war. Shocked, Kael learns his revered great grandfather incited the destruction by murdering the fledgling of the dragon leaders. Kael’s illness takes an unbelievable turn. He discovers he is part of a unique race, The Dragonsown. Shapeshifters, bound to the dragons believed extinct. In order to end the war and escape annihilation, the dragons together agreed to hibernate within the earth, while sharing their souls and powers with a human of their choosing. SEVERN, a dragon leader, has chosen Kael who can take his form, allowing the dragon renewed life above ground. Kael’s relief to find answers is short lived when he is rejected by the Dragonsown society, as many haven’t forgiven the Renwick family’s role in the war. Upon his return home, his father is quick to suspect Kael’s transformation and imprisons him within the castle. Unbeknown to Kael, his father has a vendetta against the Dragonsown. When Lord Graydon is summoned by the king to fight a coming invasion, Kael is freed by his brother and the wyvern. News arrives that the invaders, instead of sailing for the capital as expected, have turned north toward Dragonsown territory. Despite their dislike of him, Kael quickly decides to go to their aid. Using his dragon form, Kael sinks most of the invaders’ fleet but inadvertently rescues their prince who has some distressing claims. Learning his father provoked this invasion as a diversion to allow him to overthrow the king of Ryk, Kael flies to the capital with his brother and the wyvern to confront him. Finding the king dead and their father sitting on the throne, he taunts the brothers, describing how he murdered their mother shortly after their birth. He also declares if his sons want to live, they must defeat him. Keaton steps up but is no match as their father nearly runs him through. Refusing to let his brother die, Kael fires an arrow, injuring their father first. Lord Graydon is taken to Hell’s Bind, the worst prison in Ryk. Devastated and shaken to his core, Kael realizes he is the new Duke of Renwick. Searching within, Kael finds his resolve and looks to this challenge with optimism and hope.

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ISBN: 9798681450320
Publication date: 31st August 2020
Author: Erika Leigh Agnew
Publisher: Independently published
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 188 pages
Primary Genre Fantasy

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ISBN: 9798681450320
Publication date: 31/08/2020
Format: Paperback

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