Entrenched: A Memoir of Holding on and Letting GO

by Linda Lee Blakemore

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LoveReading Expert Review of Entrenched: A Memoir of Holding on and Letting GO

An honest and open memoir that deals with childhood trauma, affairs, multiple separations, divorce and loss.

‘Entrenched: A Memoir of Holding on and Letting GO’ by Linda Lee Blakemore is a memoir detailing the interesting relationship and life choices taken by one woman through her life. An honest and open memoir that deals with childhood trauma, affairs, multiple separations, divorce and loss. This is a narrative that follows a toxic relationship that breaks down and comes back together numerous times before ending for good. This story may be of interest to those who have been in or a part of a destructive relationship. Although, as someone who hasn’t, I did find myself rolling my eyes each time Jack came back on to the scene. As a “learn from my bad decision/experiences” memoir ‘Entrenched’ does effectively display the futility of constantly returning to a toxic relationship, and serves as a warning for those in the mindset to take it to focus on your own independence, security and wellbeing ahead of a relationship, and while in one. The book is very well-written and put together, and I thought that it dealt with the more sensitive aspects of the narrative well. After such a heavy focus on the bad relationships, I would have liked to have had more of a balance and heard more about the good marriage that followed, but as it is, this book focuses on a trying time in the author’s life and ends with a happy ending and on a hope-filled note. 

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Entrenched: A Memoir of Holding on and Letting GO Synopsis

Entrenched: A Memoir of Holding on and letting go is about the unhealthy partners Linda chose, the past she had to confront, and holding on to the very thing she needed to let go. Synopsis: When a destructive affair with an older, married boss ended in sexual assault, Linda was grateful her husband took her back. The reconciliation was short-lived when Linda quickly found herself drawn to another older, married man. Even though he was selfish and controlling, she needed to be the one he chose. She got her wish when he proposed. But shortly after their engagement her repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse almost destroyed Linda and her new relationship. Linda persevered and they married. But just as he had done to his first wife, every two years, her second husband left her. She always took him back, even after he moved in with his best friend, a man charged with possession of child porn. In the middle of their fifth separation, Linda's therapist told her, "I can't help you if you want him back." Several days later, Linda remembered another horrible event from childhood. That's when all of Linda's choices, insecurities, and needs made sense. On average a woman will leave a destructive relationship seven times before leaving for good. Why? And why do we choose the wrong partner in the first place? If you've been there, or know someone who has, find a quiet spot and start reading. Entrenched: A Memoir of Holding on and Letting Go-a powerful true story you won't be able to put down-can change your life. Linda is a published author, speaker, and advocate for women, young women, and children. Her first book, written with the help and support of Erika Harkema, Pittsburgh Child Advocacy, and Dr. Walter Smith, Executive Director, Family Resources of Pittsburgh, Kids Helping Kids Break the Silence of Sexual Abuse (Linda Foltz, Lighthouse Point Press) tells the true stories of fifteen child survivors. Designed to educate, intervene when a child is trapped in silence, and offer hope through healing, Kids Helping Kids received prestigious endorsements from hundreds of professionals across the country including: Jack Canfield, co-author of #1 NY Times Best Selling Series, "Chicken Soup for the Soul," Dr. Robert Brooks, (Harvard Medical School) co- author of "Raising Resilient Children," Nancy Wells, Executive Director of the Center for Victims of Violent Crime, B.J. Horn, Executive Director of The Pittsburgh Action Against Rape, and the Child Welfare Journal. Articles written by Linda and about her book have appeared in national magazines including America's Family Resource, Seventeen, and Teen Voices. Linda has appeared on local, national, and international radio and television including The Montel Williams Show. Additionally she has traveled the country advocating for children. With her second book, Entrenched: A Memoir of Holding On and Letting Go, Linda will advocate for and educate women and young women everywhere.

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