The Missing Pieces of Mum

by Sally Herbert

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LoveReading Expert Review of The Missing Pieces of Mum

Heartbreaking tale of an abandoned baby and a daughter’s search for the truth about her mother’s past

The Missing Pieces of Mum is a heartbreaking true story of an abandoned baby and a daughter’s search for more information about her mother’s past. I felt as though I was reading the transcript of an episode of Long Lost Family - the television programme helping foundlings track down their personal history and reuniting separated family members.

The details of Phyllis and her childhood years in a brutal orphanage, followed by a troubled marriage, left me in tears. Especially when her daughter, Sally, finally managed to find some answers after a decade of searching for the truth, just as it seemed that time was running out.

The Missing Pieces of Mum is a fascinating and compelling story that reads like fiction. It's packed with despair, love, suspense, twists and turns, and family secrets. And it's also a story of hope and fighting against the odds, with Phyllis achieving her dream of becoming a nurse.

A well-written book that tugs at the heartstrings and refuses to let go - not easily forgotten.

Victoria Goldman

The Missing Pieces of Mum Synopsis

A daughter’s search for her mother’s past reveals secrets and lies – changing both their lives forever.

Born out of wedlock in Dublin in 1937, Phyllis grew up in a tough, church-run orphanage. She thought by fulfilling her dream to become a nurse in England, her life might change, but her loveless childhood predisposed a loveless marriage and things began to spiral out of control for her and her daughter, Sally.

Looking for the answers to why both their lives went so spectacularly wrong, led Sally to ask questions about the real identity of her mother: “Who was she? Why was she abandoned... I needed to find answers before it was too late.”

After a mission lasting nearly a decade, her search uncovered secrets, lies and lost family members. It soon becomes a race against time to tell the mother she loves so dearly the truth about her past, before she loses her forever.

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ISBN: 9781914451041
Publication date: 11th November 2021
Author: Sally Herbert
Publisher: Mardle Books
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 336 pages
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'The moving and heartwarming story of a love that's close to my heart – a mother and daughter. A must-read!' Phyllis Whitsell, author of Finding Tipperary Mary


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ISBN: 9781914451041
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