The Bridge to Rembrandt

by Nelson K. Foley

Historical fiction

LoveReading Expert Review of The Bridge to Rembrandt

I thought that this was a well-written and entertaining book, great for historical fiction as well as contemporary fiction fans.

 ‘The Bridge to Rembrandt’ by Nelson K. Foley is a story that follows soul mates through time, culminating in a meeting with the famous eponymous artist. We start in modern day Amsterdam, Robert does appear to have enough going on - he has a wife and two growing children, a secret affair with Saskia who is looking for more from him, and a business selling reproduction art that’s got itself into legal trouble. One day when everything gets a bit too much but as Robert drives across a bridge in the city he is transported back in time. Each time this happens, Robert goes further and further into the past. I like how the author sets the scene, the book doesn’t seem to rush to get to all the time-twisting and we have a good understanding of the characters ready for when the time periods change. I liked the descriptions of Amsterdam, and how its history is used throughout the story. I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the person but the author did a good job of making it feel familiar, and the historical events throughout the book were entertaining and educational. The time travelling aspect isn’t explored in that much technical detail and, even though there is a time travel element, I wouldn’t describe this as a science fiction story. I’d say this is more ‘About Time’ and ‘Time Traveller’s Wife’ than ‘Doctor Who’ in terms of atmosphere and what a reader could expect. I liked the additional complication of Robert’s diabetes as he ends up further and further in the past, I feel this adds a subtle layer of urgency to the narrative. In all I thought that this was a well-written and entertaining book, great for historical fiction as well as contemporary fiction fans. 

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

The Bridge to Rembrandt Synopsis

When Robert crossed the bridge, he wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary. He was on the way to meet his girlfriend, but when he reached the other side, she didn’t know who he was. Robert finds himself thrown back in time, further and further, reliving the history of Amsterdam through war, riots and the plague. Each time, his fate is bound up with the same woman, and with the work of the Netherlands' greatest painter, Rembrandt. Robert is caught in a race against time. Will he make it back to his normal life? Or will he be trapped in the past with his discovery as his insulin runs out?

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ISBN: 9789090345895
Publication date: 23rd July 2021
Author: Nelson K. Foley
Publisher: San San
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 291 pages
Primary Genre Historical fiction
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ISBN: 9789090345895
Publication date: 23/07/2021
Format: Paperback

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