Lost Souls, A fictional journey through 50 years of Pink Floyd

by Edwin Ammerlaan

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LoveReading Expert Review of Lost Souls, A fictional journey through 50 years of Pink Floyd

I found it difficult to get my head round why someone who was personally acquainted with the members of a world renowned rock band would fictionalise their experience but in 'Lost Souls. A fictional journey through 50 years of Pink Floyd' this is exactly what Dutch music journalist, Edwin Ammerlaan has done. In the foreword to the book the author sets out his reasons for it, which seem to be mainly his need to find a new slant on the history after all the many biographies and autobiographies which had gone before but I still find it a disturbing and slightly dangerous concept. Made up events and dialogues and imaginary characters are surely out of place in a book celebrating a larger than life group and their music.

However, that said, the book is a fascinating and moving read. Obviously written with love and passion for the subject matter, the author conveys this to the reader in spades. It left me eager to find out more,(especially just how much of it was actually true), to listen to their music and, above all, it left me wondering how I could have lived through those times and remained largely unmoved by their influence. My loss I guess but maybe one it's not too late to redress.

I would recommend this book to anyone with any degree of interest in the music scene, whether they're Floyd fans or not. The author doesn't gloss over the cut-throat nature of the business, the difficulties caused by the group's personal dynamics nor the slow nature of the maturing of the creative process to a successful sound but these are all described with honesty and empathy. It's 'another brick in the wall' of Pink Floyd knowledge.

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LoveReading Ambassador

Lost Souls, A fictional journey through 50 years of Pink Floyd Synopsis

Meet Matt, a young, inquisitive teenager who in 1967 accidentally bumps into Roger Waters and Syd Barrett on a ferry from Ibiza to Formentera. What follows is a lifelong fascination for all things Pink Floyd and, eventually, acceptance into the band's inner circle.

Travelling the globe, Matt joins Pink Floyd on tour, in the studio and even on the golf course, building a fragile bond of trust and friendship with the band along the way. Matt dreams of becoming an established music journalist but as he grows older and wiser, ends up writing a book. Or that's his intention...

By introducing an imaginary protagonist in a fictional coming-of-age story based on real life events, LOST SOULS gives the reader a more personal, intimate and unique perspective on one of the most successful bands in music history.

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ISBN: 9789090340951
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Lost Souls, A fictional journey through 50 years of Pink Floyd
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