The End of Everything

by Esme Carmichael


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The End of Everything is a fantasy that uses Norse mythology to develop a dystopian world where Alira, the prophesied new end of everything following Ragnarok, must find a way to survive long enough to work out who she is. I enjoy reading fantasy novels and Norse Mythology, with faint echoes of storylines like Game of Thrones and Horizon: Zero Dawn, this book is right up my alley. I liked the flawed characterisation of Maya as she struggles to understand her importance and her purpose. I immediately liked her and jeyed watching her character arc develop.

This is a brilliant fantasy storyline and the start of what will no doubt be an action-packed series. The plotline is full of twists and turns. The descriptions of the setting and the different peoples were vivid. I was hooked from the first page and I am eager to read more of this story in future books. 

With truly evil villains, complex and entertaining characters, twists, turns, companionship and love I think that this is a brilliant recommendation for anyone who enjoys YA fantasy and is looking for a little more grit, or simply looking for their next epic fantasy read. I am eager to read the next books in the series.

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The End of Everything Synopsis

Viking Norway meets Victorian London in this gripping dystopian debut. 

It has been 183 years since Mason destroyed the Old World, terraforming it into a beautiful, frozen tundra which he claims with tyrannical sovereignty. In the midst of this New World, Alira is a wanted woman, running from Mason and his sadistic minions. Forced to hide her true identity, Alira must survive the darkest, cruellest forms of humanity as she searches for the truth of who, and what she is. Why is she prophesied to destroy the world, why is she known as The End of Everything? And why, when Mason can kill with a single stare, does she want to look into his eyes? 

Mixing the allure of fantasy with the gut-wrenching tensity of a thriller, The End of Everything is the first in a brutal tetralogy of emotion and survival. Each part twists Alira’s personality, turning her from a naïve, immature girl into a relentless survivor who straddles the boundary between heroine and villain.

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ISBN: 9781838327217
Publication date: 4th January 2021
Author: Esme Carmichael
Publisher: E. J Carmichael
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Indie Author Books
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ISBN: 9781838327217
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