Me Time Journal

by Jessica Sanders

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Me Time by Jessica Sanders is a fun practical guide to self care, with simple ideas to help you look after yourself better. A perfect gift – to yourself or a friend in need.

Over the last year, many of us have been feeling overwhelmed and realise that we need to look after ourselves a little bit more. Self care sounds so easy, yet most of us don’t self care enough, often struggling to find the time or motivation. In Me Time, author Jessica Sanders gives an introduction to self care, sharing personal insights and inspiring quotes. This colourful illustrated book is so bright and cheerful that it lifted my mood straightaway. It’s an easy book to dip into when you’re feeling low, with simple ideas for ‘me time’. From small steps, such as meditation, drinking more water or even lighting a candle, to longer ones, such as reading a book (of course!), taking a break from technology or going on a half-day hike. So there’s something for everyone, to suit all budgets and how much time you have available. Self care isn’t just about looking after yourself physically and emotionally, but is also about caring for others. Tell someone how much you appreciate them. Find a local volunteering opportunity. This beautifully designed book is packed with ideas and examples, and even has a further resources guide at the back. A perfect comforting gift to yourself – or a friend in need!

Victoria Goldman

Me Time Journal Synopsis

In a frenzied world, self-care offers you the stabilising routine you need to nurture both mind and body.

Me Time helps you to make self-care a restorative, everyday practice – even when you might only have one minute free. 

Follow its four simple steps to transform yourself from surviving to thriving:

  • What actually is self-care?: start by exploring the idea of self-care as a holistic practice for mind, body and soul; 
  • I work at my self-care: reflect on your self-beliefs and discover what it takes to set up and maintain a nurturing routine; 
  • I make time for my self-care: commit to original, time-savvy acts, from one-minute rituals through to day-long adventures; 
  • I support my self-care: find resources, checklists and recommendations to help you day-to-day. 

Your wise, inspiring and sensible friend, this healing book effortlessly guides you through everything you need to know to carve out time for self-care and make these moments count. 

Remind yourself that you are worthy of your own care with Me Time.

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ISBN: 9781922385376
Publication date: 29th January 2021
Author: Jessica Sanders
Publisher: Five Mile
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 160 pages
Primary Genre Mind & Body - books to help you be better
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About Jessica Sanders

Growing up, Jessica Sanders was always the tallest student in her class, and struggled to accept and love her body. When she was 12, her mother signed her up to play volleyball knowing her height would be celebrated and an advantage. Jessica soon learned that different bodies brought different skills to the team and all these bodies were valued. After leaving high-school, Jessica travelled solo to many countries and climbed some of the world's highest mountains, always carrying a heavy pack that made her grateful for her strong body. Over time, and through the ups and downs of life's tough lessons, ...

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