All the Tw*ts I Met Along the Way

by Carolyn Hobdey

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LoveReading Expert Review of All the Tw*ts I Met Along the Way

This grittily engaging account of a woman’s rollercoaster experience of bad boyfriends, bad sex and personal tragedy is as emotionally resonant as it is outrageously funny.

Shot-through with the kind of humour suggested by its title, All The Tw*ts I Met Along The Way is an engaging, chatty, no-holds-barred account of a woman’s experience of life’s challenges, to put it mildly. When it comes to suffering bad boyfriends, less-than-satisfactory sex, coercive partners and passionless marriage, Carolyn Hobdey has been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. She’s written the book on it too, and what blast of a book it is. Here she bares her soul with refreshing honesty, much like a witty best friend telling it like it is over a bottle of wine. 

While Carolyn has a flair for in-your-face, funny writing, the book is underpinned by a sense of resilience and hope; by a strong and vital thread about never blaming yourself for the flaws, misdemeanours and outright abominable behaviours of others. While this deeply personal memoir will no doubt resonate with the many, many women who’ve experienced similar, many men could learn plenty from it too, for it exposes how not to treat women, with razor-sharp wit to boot.

Joanne Owen

All the Tw*ts I Met Along the Way Synopsis

What happens when you so deeply believe something you were told as a child that it becomes the driving force behind almost every thought, feeling and action for the rest of your life – until you decide to take complete control and change your life entirely? For decades, Carolyn Hobdey believed she was ‘trouble’ and if she wasn’t ‘nicer’ she’d spend her days alone and unloved.  

All The Tw*ts I Met Along The Way tells Carolyn’s tales of crappy boyfriends, sickening sexual encounters, manipulative men, love triangles, unsupportive and unsupported medical diagnoses… and that’s just in the first few pages. From porn-addicted boyfriends who go from fitties to owners of ‘dad bods,’ to car crashes and boob jobs. Marriage to a lover who became more like a brother (and who came out as gay after their 15 year relationship) and later a relationship with a man and his ‘ready-made family’ that exposes a damaging case of coercive control and narcissism. Carolyn’s story exposes the unrelenting pull of the child-parent relationship – even in adulthood – and all the messiness, self-esteem issues and confusion that can cause. As she writes, “I didn’t want to be the trouble-maker, the one to cause my parents concern, anymore.”

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ISBN: 978913623333
Publication date: 18th January 2021
Author: Carolyn Hobdey
Publisher: Filament Publishing
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Biographies & Autobiographies
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All the Tw*ts I Met Along the Way Reader Reviews

In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion some of our Reader Review Panel were also lucky enough to read and review this title.

I really felt as thought I could relate to this book, it feels refreshing for women to talk about their problems especially when it is regards to their health.

As I started reading this book, I was curious to find out what Twats she was actually talking about, as you get more into the book you realise that there are many Twats she meets along the way.

I really felt as thought I could relate to this book, it feels refreshing for women to talk about their problems especially when it is regards to their health. I sympathise with all the medical side of things as I have been there before many times. I wasn't sure if I would "get" or even like this book, but it really is an eye opener into many different things.

I like the fact that she has opened up about good things but also bad things, there is lots going on but it just makes you want to read quicker. This is also the first book in the trilogy so it will be great to see what she gets up to next. This book really stands out to me.

Hannah Symonds

An incredibly, hard hitting book which makes you laugh and cry almost simultaneously.

Be warned this is a very hard hitting, raw account of someone’s disastrous relationships. On the back cover, it indicates that the book is for fans of 'Bridget Jones’, I would disagree strongly with this comment. The Bridget Jones books are lightweight and easy to read, you know everything will turn out alright for the central character in the end. ‘All The Tw*ts I Met Along The Way’ is funny at times, but touches on serious issues such as emotional abuse, narcissism and premature menopause.

To write this piece of work after facing life’s and some men’s cruelty shows remarkable resilience. It is incredible that this could be written so humorously after all that pain. It is awful to think of the damage some people, such as Simon, cause throughout their lives. That image of the little girl in the Prologue thinking that she ‘didn’t want to be alone...she must learn to be nicer.’ The victim thinking it is her fault. You just want to tell her otherwise. This image resonates throughout the book.

A great book but difficult to read at times due to its brutal honesty.

Rachael Anderson

An honest account of the highs and lows encountered in relationships and one woman's struggle to overcome adversity.

From the first page I was instantly drawn into the life of Carolyn, so much so that it was difficult to put the book down. It covers a number of relationships with honesty and courage, over a number of years. Although there were periods of disastrous times, with sadness and hurt, the story isn't self pitying or miserable. Her strength of character shines throughout.
I was totally absorbed and eager for things to come good for her. Her trials and tribulations are brought to the fore and in doing so it may resonate with others. I look forward to her next book!


A brave account from the author of the shockingly terrible dates and relationships she has endured through her life. So many women will identify with this memoir.

The author, Carolyn Hobdey stumbles from one bad relationship to another and she gives a frank insight into the devastating effect these various tw*ts had on her life and also the medical issues she endured. She seemed to have the misfortune of meeting the worst kinds of tw*ts and had to deal with everything from coercive control and emotional abuse to narcissistic personality disorder. While a lot of the content is serious, there is some humour in it too. The book ends on an upbeat note and is part of a trilogy. In the next book she explains how to de-tw*t your life, which I would predict will be another fascinating read.

Adrienne Kinsella

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ISBN: 978913623333
Publication date: 18/01/2021
Format: Paperback

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