Steggie Belle & the Dream Warriors

by Elias Pell

Children's & YA Fiction Fantasy

LoveReading Expert Review of Steggie Belle & the Dream Warriors

Steggie Belle & The Dream Warriors is an interesting fantasy tale which leads us into the dark world of dreams. 

Reminding me slightly of a darker Peter Pan, the main character and “author” of the story you’re reading is Zoofall and is hurrying to recollect  the tales of his travels in the dream worlds. Tying in the concepts of lucid dreaming with mythology, Steggie Belle & The Dream Warriors is an adventure story with a Good vs Evil Battle at its heart. 

I liked the style of writing throughout, Zoofall’s written account is conversational in tone, giving it the feel of a spoken story. It reminded me of the style of Homer’s Odyssey, with moments when the storyteller addresses you directly interspersed throughout the plotline of events that have already happened. I also like the threads of Greek Mythology and scientific explanation which run through the book. I think that these elements make Steggie Belle & The Dream Warriors multi-faceted and adds a believable edge to the story as a whole. 

There’s scope to add more to this story, to discover in more detail what happens after Zoofall finishes writing. However, I also think that this book is perfectly well-rounded as it is. It leaves you with questions, but this adds to the mystery of the book and allows the reader to draw their own conclusions. 

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Steggie Belle & the Dream Warriors Synopsis

“What if our understanding of dreams is just a poor reflection of another place…a real place?”

During a storm, a man who calls himself Zoofall has barricaded himself inside an attic. He has only seven candles worth of time to reveal his extraordinary secrets. How, when he was a boy, he discovered a wild other world, where Reality and Mythology meet, beyond the limits of Lucid Dreaming. There he found a group of other young dreamers, and together, through many adventures, they tried to unravel the terrifying mysteries of this dream world.

In a race against time, Zoofall must figure out if his own unusual powers make him a possible saviour or a dangerous burden. As dark forces rise up, threatening to engulf their group, he must uncover the greatest mystery of all. Who their incredible leader, Steggie Belle, really is, how she became so powerful, and if by any chance she can be saved?

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ISBN: 9781916344693
Publication date: 16th June 2020
Author: Elias Pell
Publisher: Nielsen Book Services
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 386 pages
Primary Genre Children's & YA Fiction
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ISBN: 9781916344693
Publication date: 16/06/2020
Format: Paperback

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About Elias Pell

Elias Pell is a London born poet, writer, lifelong daydreamer, and Lucid Dreamer. Elias left England in 2016 to focus on writing full-time and never looked back. In 2018, he won AudioArcadia’s International Short Story Competition and, early in 2020, published a collection of short stories for adults, entitled Scapegoats & Crowbars.  Elias is currently working on the sequel to Steggie Belle & the Dream Warriors—yes, there is a sequel, and possibly even more to come—alongside other exciting new writing projects.

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