The Severed Hands of Oliver Olivovich

by Mark Hoffmann

Crime and Mystery Humorous Fiction

LoveReading Expert Review of The Severed Hands of Oliver Olivovich

The Severed Hands of Oliver Olivovich is a satirical take on a crime fiction story with the addition of fantasy creatures and parallel worlds. The author has done very well to pack all of these different elements in and I can’t fault his world building. 

I found the mystery aspect of this book and the hunt for Oliver Olivovich’s killer twisty and interesting. I liked how the author takes the reader down a number of seemingly unconnected paths. I didn’t know how all of the different leads were connected as I read and I think that the author did well to pull everything together at the end.

This book is irreverent, a bit sweary, and although some of the jokes didn’t quite hit well and got a bit repetitive by the end for me personally (I didn’t like the “Frenchie” jokes and comments at all if I’m honest), it’s a generally amusing book. I did like the imaginary dog and found Nigel the seagull funny.I think the tone of the humour is akin to something like Family Guy, as a comparison. If that is the style of humour you like, then this might be a good book recommendation for you. 

In all, I think that The Severed Hands of Oliver Olivovich is a decent attempt at combining the fantasy and mystery genres together while adding in a satirical twist and adult humour. It wasn’t really my type of humour but for those who like “on the nose” comedy, this could be a good recommendation.

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The Severed Hands of Oliver Olivovich Synopsis

Who murdered Oliver Olivovich? And why did they hack off his hands and stuff them in his anorak pockets? Sir Septimus Farquhar-Urquhart, equerry to His Bucolic Majesty, King Herman the Sixteenth, is in the village of Backwater, to answer these, and other, questions. Questions such as: Why are there alligators in the village pond? And, where have all the ducks gone? Sir Septimus and his trusty dwarf soon find that the investigation has more twists than a human bowel. Can they solve the mystery and avert a catastrophic geopolitical incident? Or will they be thwarted by Sir Septimus's arch-nemesis Johnny Toobad, an all-round bad-egg? When Sir Septimus pops into the corner shop to buy some crumpets, and the shop-keeper offers him a gift-wrapped alligator-skin dildo, he believes he's found his first significant clue. But has he?

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ISBN: 9798641608839
Publication date: 3rd May 2020
Author: Mark Hoffmann
Publisher: Independently published
Format: Paperback
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ISBN: 9798641608839
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The Severed Hands of Oliver Olivovich
The Severed Hands of Oliver Olivovich
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