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The Winter of the Witch

"A stunning story set in Moscow … allow it to take you by the hand and lead you into a glorious fantasy world."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Oh what a beautiful all-consuming dream of a ride this is. Set in Moscow, a young woman finds herself at the centre of a battle for both humanity and a deep hidden magic. The Winter of the Witch is the third in the ‘Winternight’ trilogy, however, I confess that this was my first read of the three. I would most definitely recommend starting at the beginning with The Bear and the Nightingale as I’m now desperate to experience the wonder of the rest of the story, though it’s worth noting that the writing is so good, I immediately felt completely at home. I fell entranced into the pages and within the first few chapters I was so at one with the sense of place and characters, I actually cried at a heart-stopping moment. While the feel of a deep dark fairy tale washes over the pages, Katherine Arden creates a vivid realist bite and also encouraged me to connect as deeply with the more challenging characters as the more loveable ones. The Winter of the Witch is a fascinating, engaging, quite glorious read and I absolutely adored it. Highly recommended.

Liz Robinson

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Reader Reviews

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A beautiful story based on Russian folklore and myths - I can't recommend it highly enough.

Moscow is in flames and Vasilisa Petrovna is to blame. Even Demetrii Ivanovich, Crown Prince and her cousin and her brother, the Monk Alexander Petrovich cannot save her from the angry mob. Vasya has other friends that most people cannot see, can they help her save Moscow and her family?

I have loved reading this trilogy and was looking forward to it finishing in yet another gorgeous story - I was definitely not disappointed.... Read Full Review

Kerry Bridges

A wonderful, magical read which brings this trilogy to a stunning conclusion.

I loved the previous two books in Katherine Arden's Winternight trilogy, so I had high hopes for this final one – and I'm pleased to say that I thought it was the best of the three!

As the novel opens, Moscow is on fire and blame has fallen on Vasya Petrovna. With a furious mob calling for her to be burned as a witch, Vasya manages to escape with the help of the magical beings only she and one or two others can see. However, her freedom comes at a cost and Vasya must do all she can to try to save her country, her family and her friends.

Like the first two books, The Winter of the Witch is steeped in Russian history, mythology and fairy tales.... Read Full Review

Helen Skinner

Brimful of the deep-winter magic and folkloric elements I loved in her first two Winternight books, Katherine Arden’s trilogy culminates in a truly spellbinding finale.

Katherine Arden's Winternight Trilogy has been ramping up towards its epic conclusion over the course of the first two books.

Given the title, it’s unsurprising to find that The Winter of the Witch is where Vasya needs to come into her own if she’s somehow to attempt to bring all the warring factions - military, magic, religious and demon - together to face the threat to Moscow.

No mean feat for someone who is once again an outcast, badly hurt and on the run.

Vasya’s journey takes her along the enchanted but hazardous road through Midnight, where she’ll learn more about herself and her family, take on an unlikely guide, and reunite with a beguiling frost-demon.

Katherine Arden has created a richly romantic and magical world yet still manages to keep it grounded... Read Full Review

Kathryn Eastman