The Great Mystery Science, God and the Human Quest for Meaning

by Alister McGrath, DPhil, DD

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The Great Mystery Science, God and the Human Quest for Meaning Synopsis

There is currently huge interest in the question of human nature and identity, and what the human future might look like. Who are we? Why are we here? What is our future? Are we alone? And what can religion bring, alongside biology and anthropology, to these important and exciting questions? The Great Mystery focuses on this fascinating field of study. A follow-up to his critically acclaimed Inventing the Universe, in The Great Mystery Alister McGrath once again brings together science with religion to yield an enriched vision of reality, along with rigorous and thoroughly up-to-date scholarship and intellectual accessibility.

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ISBN: 9781473634312
Publication date: 4th May 2017
Author: Alister McGrath, DPhil, DD
Format: Hardback
Primary Genre Popular science

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ISBN: 9781473634312
Publication date: 04/05/2017
Format: Hardback

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About Alister McGrath, DPhil, DD

Alister McGrath is the Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at Oxford University, and Fellow of Harris Manchester College, Oxford. After initial academic work in the natural sciences, Alister turned to the study of theology and intellectual history, while also engaging in broader cultural debates about the rationality and relevance of the Christian faith. He is the author of many academic and theological works, as well as the bestselling The Dawkins Delusion and his acclaimed C. S. Lewis - A Life.

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