Occupy Me

by Tricia Sullivan

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LoveReading View on Occupy Me

Set in our not-so-distant future, award-winning Tricia Sullivan’s new novel is, at one level, an engaging and exciting man-hunt that takes us on a pell-mell race across the world in pursuit of a killer carrying something crucial and frightening in an attache case. There is mystery, there are chases, there are fights (including a heartstopping one in and out of a plane), there is danger. There’s also Sullivan’s startling and often beautiful prose and her ready wit. But this is much more than an SF caper novel.

Our protagonist, Pearl, has extra-dimensional wings that come into being when she’s threatened. She doesn’t have many memories. She may be an angel but she’s not sure. She needs to know not just who she is, but what she is. And her quarry? He’s a killer wearing another man’s body and the case he’s carrying is a door to another universe. There are ideas and concepts here to astound anyone and in the hands of a less expert author it would be all too easy for them to spin the novel out of control but Sullivan keeps the reader locked in to her roller-coaster plot. Key to this is Pearl who, wings notwithstanding, is utterly ordinary and believable; a beautifully developed, intelligent, sometimes scared, usually resourceful and fiercely spirited heroine. Sullivan can bring fans of Lauren Beukes and Richard Morgan alike along for these thrills and surreal ideas. ~ Simon Spanton

Maxim Jakubowski's view...

Pearl is an angel and works for the Resistance. But, in truth, she doesn’t really know who she is and what she is working towards. The organisation is an occult group attempting to change the world in small, invisible ways and Pearl begins to question their motivation and methods. As if her confusion and troubled dreams of flight and fall and apocalypse weren’t enough, she is on a mission to seek out a killer who is wearing another man’s body, and constantly switches between personas, who carries and protects a mysterious suitcase which might actually be a key to the secrets of the universe as well as being a lethal weapon or a means of salvation. No wonder Pearl is mixed-up. Conspiracies galore, questions about the nature of identity, brilliant evocative writing never detract from the unceasing pace of Sullivan’s, a past Arthur C. Clarke Ward winner, futuristic fantasy thriller. Heralds a major new series. ~ Maxim Jakubowski

Maxim Jakubowski

Occupy Me Synopsis

A woman with wings that exist in another dimension. A man trapped in his own body by a killer. A briefcase that is a door to hell. A conspiracy that reaches beyond our world. Breathtaking SF from a Clarke Award-winning author. Tricia Sullivan has written an extraordinary, genre defining novel that begins with the mystery of a woman who barely knows herself and ends with a discovery that transcends space and time. On the way we follow our heroine as she attempts to track down a killer in the body of another man, and the man who has been taken over, his will trapped inside the mind of the being that has taken him over. And at the centre of it all a briefcase that contains countless possible realities. Tricia Sullivan returns to the genre with a book that will define the conversation within the genre and will show what it is capable of for years to come. This is the best book yet from a writer of exceedingly rare talent who is much loved in the genre world.

Occupy Me Press Reviews

'Occupy Me keeps the pages turning and the wheels of thought whirring. It's a psychedelic experience, a wacky tapestry of an idea' SFX

'this is science-fiction at its most surreal...the premise is brilliant' The Daily Mail

'It's completely bonkers, incredibly brave and well worth exploring at ease. Occupy Me is bound to be one of the literary treats of 2016 so make sure you don't miss it.' Upcoming 4 Me

'Sullivan uses the tired tropes of paranormal fantasy and high-tech SF to explore ideas of morality and identity, and has produced a work of startling originality' The Guardian

'Occupy Me is very funny and highly unusual, not least of which is having a main character who isn't just an angel, but a middle aged, black lesbian. It's highly imaginative, difficult to categorise, and frequently bizarre. But what it has done is inspired me to go and read Sullivan's other work because like Lauren Beukes, her stories certainly stand out out from the pack.' Fantasy Book Review

'Occupy Me is a lot of fun to read, there are so many concepts and ideas thrown into the mix and yet it all works really well. The character interactions can be hilarious at times especially when they are trying to explain away the fantastic or when they are at cross purposes to each other. Tricia Sullivan has written a vivid story that is absorbing from start to finish.' Flickering Myth

'This is truly subtle, masterful writing that has so much to offer...I thoroughly enjoyed it, I'm a sucker for fiction that forces a reader to think.' The Eloquent Page

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ISBN: 9781473212978
Publication date: 10/11/2016
Publisher: Gollancz an imprint of Orion Publishing Co
Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781473212961
Publication date: 21/01/2016
Publisher: Gollancz an imprint of Orion Publishing Co
Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781473212978
Publication date: 10th November 2016
Author: Tricia Sullivan
Publisher: Gollancz an imprint of Orion Publishing Co
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 288 pages
Genres: eBook Favourites, Science Fiction,
Categories: Science fiction,

About Tricia Sullivan

Tricia Sullivan is an award-winning writer of SF, Fantasy and YA. Her third novel, Dreaming In Smoke, won the Arthur C. Clarke Award for best SF novel. Her work has encompassed cyberpunk, space opera and near future satire. Her novels have been shortlisted for the BSFA Award, the Tiptree Award, and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award. An American, she has lived in the UK since 1995. She lives in Shropshire with her husband and three children. An accomplished martial artist she has a BA in Music, and MA in Education and is studying for a BSc in Physics.

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