Cure A Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body

by Jo Marchant

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Cure A Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body Synopsis

THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The field of mind-body medicine is plagued by wild claims that mislead patients and instil false hope. But as scientists in a range of fields uncover solid evidence that our minds influence our bodies far more profoundly than previously thought, there is now great promise too.

Cure A Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body Press Reviews

'Should be compulsory reading for all young doctors' NEW SCIENTIST

'Writing with simplicity, clarity and style, and covering an enormous range of material, [Marchant] surveys with grace what we think we know, and what we would like to know, about the mysterious and troubling relationship between our minds and our bodies' GUARDIAN

'A well-researched page-turner ... may very well lead to widespread changes in the ways we practice medicine' NEW YORK POST

'A diligent and useful work that makes the case for 'holistic medicine while warning against the snake-oil salesmen who have annexed that word for profit' SUNDAY TIMES

'A rewarding read that seeks to separate the wishful and emotion-driven from the scientifically tested' WASHINGTON POST

'This is popular science writing at its very best ... I would recommend this book to anybody who has a mind and a body' -- HENRY MARSH author of DO NO HARM: STORIES OF LIFE, DEATH, AND BRAIN SURGERY

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ISBN: 9780857868626
Publication date: 18/02/2016
Format: Hardback

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ISBN: 9780857868626
Publication date: 18th February 2016
Author: Jo Marchant
Format: Hardback
Genres: Popular Science, The Real World,

About Jo Marchant

Jo Marchant is Opinion Editor at New Scientist magazine. She has a PhD in medical microbiology and has been a science journalist for nine years. She spent three years of that as an editor at the journal Nature, and her articles have also appeared in the Guardian and The Economist. She lives with her boyfriend in Brixton, London.

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