After You

by Jojo Moyes

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LoveReading View on After You

Jojo admits that this follow-up to Me Before You came as a result of popular demand.  Fans wanted to know what happened to Lou after Will died.  However if you haven’t read the first book it matters not for this is complete in itself.  A tale of a young woman hurting badly after death by assisted suicide of the love of her life.  It tells of her sad coping, of stumbling, existing and trying so hard to heal.  It is a very fine novel in its own right.  If you have read Me Before You then this will mean a lot to you.  Lou discovers Will had more to his life than she realised and discovering bits about him makes for a fascinating read. Suffice to say that it is good and that is all you need to know before buying it. ~ Sarah Broadhurst

Sarah Broadhurst

After You Synopsis

Lou Clark has lots of questions. Like how it is she's ended up working in an airport bar, spending every shift watching other people jet off to new places. Or why the flat she's owned for a year still doesn't feel like home. Whether her close-knit family can forgive her for what she did eighteen months ago. And will she ever get over the love of her life. What Lou does know for certain is that something has to change. Then, one night, it does. But does the stranger on her doorstep hold the answers Lou is searching for - or just more questions? Close the door and life continues: simple, ordered, safe. Open it and she risks everything. But Lou once made a promise to live. And if she's going to keep it, she has to invite them in ...

After You Reader Reviews

Back in 2012 some of our Lovereading Reader Review Panel members were also lucky enough to read and review ME BEFORE YOU. You can read their comments below or click here for the full reviews.

  • Clare Heanue - 'What an absolutely gorgeous book!...This book has made me laugh and cry and my heart has leaped and dropped so many times while reading it!'
  • Linda Rollins - 'Jojo Moyes has a talent for being able to take the everyday and the ordinary and turn them into something extraordinary.'
  • Sally Doel - 'Oh wow – this book really is an emotional roller-coaster.  It made me laugh, cry and think quite deeply about the situation that Will Traynor has found himself in.  I am not somebody who cries easily at books!'
  • Alison Jones - 'Oh what a lovely read this was. Sad yet uplifting, thoughtful and topical, realistic and convincing - it is one of those books that endures long after the covers close.'  
  • Lindsay Healy - 'This is a romantic, heart-rending tale, with two memorable lead characters that the reader can really engage with. It tackles a sensitive, topical subject with an open mind and manages to be both immensely sad and yet positively life affirming.'
  • Nicola Foster - 'Superb story all round, wonderfully paced plot... I'm now running out of positive adjectives to describe this book, so please just read it for yourself!'
  • Sonya Kemp - 'This is a wonderful story.  It is romantic and funny at times, but also very sad.  The author has written about a very sensitive and controversial subject and done it really well.'
  • Nicola Greenwood - 'Me Before You is an absorbing novel that made me laugh and cry but was also realistic and very sensitive.'
  • Megan Olwen Williams - 'In her novel Me Before You, Jojo Moyes manages to craft a heart-wrenching tale of love, in the most unusual and painful of circumstances.'
  • Jillian McFrederick - 'This is a story that draws you in from the start. Intrigued by the dramatic prologue and lulled by the everyday life and loves of Louisa's family, we read on to find what links the two.'  
  • Kath Thornton -'It is a very emotional romantic book, making you laugh and cry at the same time and reaching a thought provoking climax.'  
  • Chris Walshaw - 'Wow, what a fantastic roller coaster of a novel! I identified with the characters on so many different levels, as a parent, a child, a sibling and as someone's significant other. It made me smile and oh my gosh it made me cry! What I initially thought was an excellent, if predictable, story turned out to be full of surprises. A brilliant examination of love, life and the discovery of one's true self.'
  • Lindsay Whittle - 'Jojo Moyes gives the reader a horrible, creeping realisation of how the loss of any control over everything done to you or for you can be the hardest burden for an intelligent adult to bear.'
  • Kath Martin - 'I couldn’t put it down yet didn’t want it to end.  At times I couldn’t read for the tears.  It gave me a lot to think about – not least about why I hadn’t come across this author before.  I can’t wait to start on her earlier books!'  
  • Marie Fitzgerald - 'Buy the tissues in bulk and read this – the characters’ stories will stay with you long after the last word is read.'
  • Emily Wright - 'Me Before You is a poignant novel about having the strength to control your own destiny and the love, friendship and compassion which can break down all kinds of barriers to leave people stronger.'  
  • Natasha Radford - 'What I really love about this book is the family dynamics which encircle the whole; they build up a sense of reality which makes the plot-line so much more believable.'
  • Cath Humphris - 'The story unfolds briskly, with plenty of events to keep the pages turning.  If you like a read that aims to transport you from laughter to tears, then this is a good choice.'
  • Sarah Bedwell - 'Jojo Moyes has created a tale that is both emotional and relevant. I was drawn in to the characters’ lives and decisions far more than I had expected, and struggled to put the book down before I was even halfway through.'
  • Kathy Howell - 'I wouldn’t have picked this book from a shelf but I would really have missed a treat!  The story concerns Will and Louisa and the journey they take together during six months of Will’s life...I loved this book and will be looking for more by Jojo Moyes.'
  • Louise Graham - 'I got what I expected from this book, a wonderfully told story that would strike right into the centre of my heart but most of all I took from this was that it was a perfectly written love story.'
  • Jayne Burton - 'Wow!  What an amazing book.  It drew me in from the outset, I lost myself and was totally immersed in Louisa’s world.   I have to admit I read it in just one sitting, I couldn’t put it down.  Extremely well written, an unusual storyline but a real tear-jerker.  It would make a wonderful film.'
  • Kulsuma Begum - 'Me Before You by Jojo Moyles will stay with me forever...After becoming so emotionally close to the characters, it made it everything very personal and real. Overall, Me Before You by Jojo Moyles was an amazing, unforgettable story which everyone needs to read.'
  • Elisabeth Thomas - 'The book took me on a rollercoaster of emotions from sadness to laughter. I felt that it was different to the typical “romance” novels because of the moral dilemma that the characters in the book faced.'
  • Kym Nicholls - 'Though predictable from the offset, the aim isn’t to tangle the reader into knots. It’s to take them by the hand, gently, and lead them through a well-rendered little town decorated with affection and quiet humour, while refusing to shy away from the gritty, divisive matter at its core. Deserving of a wider audience, now not only will I now take it out in public, I’ll push it onto others to read too.'  
  • Dawn Shaw - 'A book that grows on you every page, very moving, heart breaking, quite thought provoking, and romantic ....Me Before You is now on my favourite shelf, and a book that will stay with me a long time.'  
  • J. B. Johnston - 'This book is a triumph to Jojo Moyes talent. An emotionally raw book that had me sobbing like a baby. It poses a moral dilemma for the reader and takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, leaving you feeling drained but glad you let this book be a part of your life.'
  • Suzanne James - 'I confess I was expecting not to like this book as the press reviews made me concerned it would be a saccharine-sweet love story with an all too predictable ending.  This is not the case - it is a love story that doesn't pull any punches, making you think hard about your own reactions to the situation Lou finds herself in without sugar-coating the issues involved. It is both uplifting and hard-hitting and I found it difficult to put down.  You can't fail to be moved by this book.  A perfect book club read.'
  • Barbara Middlemast-Neal - 'Me Before You, is very sensitively written and a real tear-jerker, necessitating a few hearty nose-blows by the end....'  
  • Linda Hill - 'Me Before You is a novel to touch your life. It is at once funny, moving and heart rending...And, when you've read your copy of Me Before You, make sure all your friends read it too. I loved it.'  
  • S&J Bookshelf - '...a book that is written in a style that you can’t help getting hooked...No one is left unaffected, including the reader who falls deep within the pages of a true love story.'

After You Press Reviews

Praise for The One Plus One:

'Moyes does a majestic job of conjuring a cast of characters who are charismatic, credible and utterly compelling' Independent on Sunday

'Jojo Moyes's poignantly romantic tales have readers streaming their way through boxes of Kleenex' Sunday Express

'Moyes is the queen of the classy weepy and this won't disappoint. A masterclass in story-telling that fans of Me Before You will adore' Elle

'Raw, funny, real and sad, this is storytelling at its best' Marie Claire

'Another beautifully written love story I relished' Daily Mail

'I want you to read this book, indeed to read all of Jojo Moyes' books, because they tell truths about modern life. If you're a sentient, empathic, living, breathing human I would urge you to give it a go' The World Book Night book club

'It's a book to both giggle and weep over' Metro 'Quirky and memorable' Red

'Another sure-fire hit...A beautifully written modern love story from Britain's best contemporary female author' Sun on Sunday, Fabulous Magazine

'Compulsive reading' Woman & Home

'A love story, a road trip and family drama all rolled into one brilliant page turner. Jojo Moyes has triumphed again' Hello!

'Grab a box of tissues - this packs an emotional punch' New!

'Peopled with wonderful characters, this is a feel-good book by a lovely writer' Choice Magazine

'A tender, funny and hopeful look at love, grief and life. Bumper box of tissues required' Stylist

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ISBN: 9781405909075
Publication date: 30/06/2016
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780718179618
Publication date: 24/09/2015
Publisher: Michael Joseph Ltd an imprint of Penguin Books Ltd
Format: Hardback

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ISBN: 9781405909075
Publication date: 30th June 2016
Author: Jojo Moyes
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 448 pages
Genres: Reader Reviewed Books, Family Drama, Literary Fiction, Relationship Stories,
Categories: Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945),

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Jojo Moyes was our Guest Editor in March 2014 - click here - to see the books that inspired her writing. Jojo Moyes is a novelist and a journalist. She worked at the Independent for ten years before leaving to write full time. Her previous novels have all been critically acclaimed and include Me Before You, The Girl You Left Behind, The Ship of Brides, Foreign Fruit, and The Last Letter from Your Lover. She lives in Essex with her husband and their three children.Me Before You was 2012’s greatest love story – it was Spring 2012’s most ...

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