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Curvology The Origins and Power of Female Body Shape

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Curvology The Origins and Power of Female Body Shape Synopsis

In Curvology, Cambridge Professor of Veterinary Anatomy David Bainbridge applies the science of evolutionary biology and cutting-edge psychology to women's bodies, to explain why the human female is the only female animal to have curves and how these curves rule our lives, by influencing not only sexual selection but also social hierarchy and self-image. Written in lucid and engaging prose, Bainbridge's unique brand of popular science also draws on illuminating references from art history, contemporary media culture, and a range of first-person interviews with some actual human women. Offering a level-headed and fresh perspective on a contentious issue, Curvology will be a fascinating, controversial, and highly newsworthy read.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781846275500
Publication date: 5th February 2015
Author: David Bainbridge
Publisher: Portobello Books Ltd an imprint of Granta Books
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Popular Science


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