The Milk Mutation The Hidden Danger in Our Dairy

by Damien McCrystal

Popular Science

The Milk Mutation The Hidden Danger in Our Dairy Synopsis

The vast bulk of the Western world's milk (A1 milk) comes from cows descended from a genetically mutated 'founder'. The mutation meant that the dominant protein in their milk changed. An alternative protein, A2, predates the A1 protein. Human breast milk (as well as that of goats and sheep) shares the characteristics of A2 milk. The full effects are still being unravelled, but it is clear that A1 milk does not digest as easily as A2 and is associated with bloating, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhoea and constipation. All babies have permeable digestive systems and are therefore particularly susceptible. Older children and adults who have a 'leaky gut' are also in danger. More worryingly, numerous studies have linked A1 to type 1 diabetes, heart disease, autism, sudden infant death syndrome, asthma and eczema. In Australia increasing numbers of people are turning their backs on A1 milk. And it is now taking off in the UK. Twenty substantial herds here have converted to pure A2 and a great many more are considering it. The debate now resembles that around tobacco 50 years ago: some people don't want change, and the vested interests of the dairy industry are resisting the coming revolution. This book allows the public to start the real debate.

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ISBN: 9781909653740
Publication date: 13th November 2014
Author: Damien McCrystal
Publisher: Elliott & Thompson Limited
Format: Hardback
Primary Genre Popular Science

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Damien McCrystal is a journalist, broadcaster, and media and PR consultant. He was the first City editor of the Sun and City Diary editor of the Daily Telegraph, and has written and presented for ITV and Channel 4. His writing has appeared in the Spectator, Observer, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Today, Sunday Correspondent, Guardian, Independent on Sunday, New Statesman, British Journalism Review, New Law Journal and Campaign.

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