Walking Home My Family, and Other Rambles

by Clare Balding

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September 2014 Non-Fiction Book of the Month.

A wonderful ramble sharing Clare Balding’s new found love of walking since her debut in BBC Radio 4’s Ramblings. Having caught the bug, she’s walked hundreds of miles, got to know the countryside, induced family and friends to accompany her. There are plenty of anecdotes and stories woven into her narrative, a pleasing mix of travel and autobiography bound to be every bit as popular as her debut My Family and Other Animals.


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Walking Home My Family, and Other Rambles Synopsis

I am at home with my brother Andrew banging on about the joys of walking. Suddenly he says, 'You should do the Wayfarer's Walk. We always talked about it, do you remember?' So I start thinking about it seriously. It is 71 miles in total. It will be a great family adventure. Won't it? In Clare Balding's family, walking just took too long - she galloped through the countryside and she galloped through life. There was certainly no time to get to know Britain beyond its racecourses. Then, in 1999, Clare took a call out of the blue from a BBC producer looking for a presenter for a new radio series. 'Do you walk?' she asked. 'Well, I walk the dog...' That series, Ramblings, is still going strong - and Clare's caught the walking bug. Since then she's covered fifteen hundred miles of footpaths, from the Pennine Way to the South West Coastal Path. She's tackled apocalyptic thunderstorms, struggled with blisters and a twisted ankle, and seduced fans of 'erotic radio' by getting changed in a bus stop. She's walked with historians, geologists, twitchers, botanists and poets, who've told her things they never thought they would reveal. Now she wants her family to share some of that pleasure. Her and her brother Andrew are determined to conquer the Wayfarer's Walk, a route which runs past their family stables Kingsclere. What could possibly go wrong? This is a story of paths and people, of discovering the glories of Britain and Ireland, and of (mis)adventures with the family. Along the way there are charming diversions and life-changing rambles, including her take on the 2012 Olympics. And, finally, this is Clare's story of Walking Home ...

The Good Book Guide Review

After the runaway success of her first book, Clare Balding is back with a highly enjoyable volume that has evolved from her long-running BBC Radio 4 series Ramblings. She candidly admits that she is a reformed non-walker, someone who initially thought walking was only viable if it had a specific purpose. ‘I didn’t have time to just walk. I was too busy rushing on to the next adventure, jumping the next fence,’ but a phone call in 1999 from a radio producer seeking someone to present a new programme exploring the delights of walking soon changed all this. Fifteen years later, and it remains her favourite project to date, a series that discovers the countryside in the company of a variety of interesting people, exploring the highways and byways of the British Isles. Warm, witty and effervescent it’s a delightful read, whether intended as a walking companion or simply enjoyed as an armchair rambler.

Walking Home My Family, and Other Rambles Press Reviews

'You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want a horse' Caitlin Moran (on 'My Animals')


'So good you just don't want Clare to grow up' Jennifer Saunders (on 'My Animals')


'Magical, enchanting, riotously eccentric' Daily Mail (on 'My Animals')


'Stonking anecdotes ... sharply charming' Guardian (on 'My Animals')


'Funny and moving ... James Herriot meets' David Sedaris The Times (on 'My Animals')


'Moving, funny, and larger than life' Michael Morpurgo (on 'My Animals')


'Simply fabulous' Jilly Cooper (on 'My Animals')

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ISBN: 9780670921478
Publication date: 11/09/2014
Publisher: Viking an imprint of Penguin Books Ltd
Format: Hardback

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ISBN: 9780670921478
Publication date: 11th September 2014
Author: Clare Balding
Publisher: Viking an imprint of Penguin Books Ltd
Format: Hardback
Genres: Biography / Autobiography, Books of the Month, eBook Favourites, Travel,

About Clare Balding

Clare Balding is an award-winning broadcaster and writer. She became the face of the BBC's racing coverage in 1998, and now works across a wide range of sports for television and radio. She has been a lead presenter for the Olympics, Paralympics, Winter Olympics and Commonwealth Games. For more than twelve years, she has hiked across the countryside for the BBC Radio 4 series Ramblings. Clare has presented Countryfile, Britain's Hidden Heritage, Britain By Bike, Crufts, and Famous & Fearless, and has appeared on QI, Have I Got News for You and Sport Relief. She has been voted RTS Sports Presenter of ...

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