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The Food Hourglass Slow Down the Ageing Process and Lose Weight by Kris Verburgh

The Food Hourglass Slow Down the Ageing Process and Lose Weight

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How to slow down the signs of ageing by eating the right foods, it’s not a diet - rather a wake-up call to change your approach to cooking and eating. You can feel better, you can look better – and younger says Kris Verburgh who sees the food hourglass model replacing the food plate and the food pyramid as our future eating guidance programme.

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The Food Hourglass Slow Down the Ageing Process and Lose Weight by Kris Verburgh

Stay younger for longer and get the body you've always dreamed of. Join the health revolution taking the world by storm! Did you know that: * Most diets are unhealthy * Antioxidants don't slow down ageing * White tea reduces wrinkles and is good for heart and blood vessels * Walnuts can drastically cut your risk of a heart attack * Milk products aren't that healthy * A daily fruit and vegetable juice reduces the risk of Alzheimer's * Lots of different kinds of fats actually cut down your risk of a heart attack The Food Hourglass is a revolutionary new look at how food influences the way we age. Based on the latest scientific discoveries about nutrition and the ageing process, The Food Hourglass shows you how to slow down the signs of ageing through what you eat, and lose weight in the process. The Food Hourglass has been an international number 1 bestseller since release, having sold over 250,000 copies in one year in the Netherlands alone. Written and developed by Dr Kris Verburgh, this book addresses health and weight loss from a unique new angle, namely 'biogerontology' (the science of the ageing process), and introduces a revolutionary new food model, the food hourglass. Say goodbye the outdated food plate and food pyramid forever. The hourglass will show you how to immediately identify what is healthy and unhealthy food, and how to replace unhealthy foods with alternatives. The hourglass helps you lose weight, slow down the ageing process and reduce the risk of age-related diseases. Never before has such a food model been developed. The Food Hourglass isn't a diet - so it's easy to start and simple to continue. Just begin eating the right food at the right time to see a healthier, younger-looking you.


'In this smoothly written book the author critically reveals the link between our genetic determined ageing process and our way of eating. Highly recommended for everyone who intends to eat healthier, and because of the emphasis on prevention, especially for your policy makers.'
Herman Becq, MD, endocrinologist

'The food hourglass is simply a brilliant idea.'
Emmy Van Kerkhove, professor of medical physiology

'Nutrition is an important factor not only in the prevention, but also in the development of cancer. This book makes you think about habits we take for granted.'
An Vandebroek, MD, oncologist

'The greatest merit of the author is that he provides more depth on nutritional issues in general and in the West. In plain language he brings clarity to the strongly hyped and mediatised topic called nutrition.'
Hans Decoster, MD, cardiologist

'Healthy food is our best medicine, as this book shows. If the recommendations of the author are followed, our health care will be more fun and cheaper. Highly recommended!'
Adjiedj Bakas, Trendwatcher of the Year and author of The Future of Health

'Governments and public health institutions worrying about trends like a global ageing population and skyrocketing health care costs are strongly advised to read The Food Hourglass: the simple but thoroughly substantiated solution lies in healthier eating and living.'
Reinier Evers, Trendwatcher of the Year, founder of

About the Author

Dr Kris Verburgh is a leading medical doctor and scientist in the field of biogerontology (the science of the ageing process). He wrote his first science book at the age of 16, and now aged 27 he is one of the youngest and most prolific science writers in the world. He is the medical director of HEALES (the Healthy Life Extension Society), a non-profit organisation advocating research into healthy ageing, and a speaker for several leading international speaker bureaus. The Food Hourglass is a phenomenal international bestseller and has firmly established Dr Kris Verbugh at the forefront of ageing research.

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10th April 2014


Kris Verburgh

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HarperCollins an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers


384 pages


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