All Editions of Dragonsown-Surface

by Erika Leigh Agnew



Author: Erika Leigh Agnew Format: Paperback Release Date: 31/08/2020

‘Dragonsown-Surface’ by Erika Leigh Agnew introduces us to an medieval kingdom, once ravaged by a war against dragons and twin brothers Kael and Keaton who realise their whole lives weren’t quite what they thought they were. The first in the Dragonsown series, ‘Dragonsown - Surface’ successfully builds a world of political and family tension as well as introducing us to two entertaining and likable lead characters in Kael and Keaton. Quite different to many of the stories I’ve read that focus on siblings and twins, and without giving too much away, Kael and Keaton have their own paths through this book and very different challenges to overcome. When Kael suffers from a mysterious illness and then disappears, Keaton is left alone to understand what is happening and keep up the search for his brother. The history of the kingdom, it’s wars and the brothers’ family connection to these events are introduced in a way that adds vibrancy to the story but without side-lining the main plot. With revelations and long-held grudges I’m sure there’s plenty more challenges facing Kael and Keaton in future books. A promising start to a new series that will no doubt capture the attention of fantasy adventure fans. Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

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