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by Jules Coventry

The Danger of Safety

The Danger of Safety

Author: Jules Coventry Format: Ebook Release Date: 17/01/2022

A country, determined that the bloodshed of World War Two not be repeated, works at pace to develop Nuclear deterrents, with fallouts that span generations. ‘The Danger of Safety’ by Jules Coventry is a fast paced thriller, based on the real life reactor fire and Windscale, set amongst the backdrop of the Cold War and the world’s eagerness to develop nuclear weapons. This story shows how the covering up of one incident at a power plant in Cumbria goes on to irrevocably change the lives of three generations. The storyline is very wheel-written, the descriptions of the incident at the power plant are nail-bitingly tense and evocative. The story then moves into a thriller filled with twists and turns as we see the consequences of attempts to cover up the reactor fire impact generation after generation of the Wallbank family. Each character the reader gets to know is interesting and they aren’t always what they seem. I read eagerly hoping each time that they would manage to navigate, unknowingly most of the time, through the cover-up unscathed. A thriller based on the very real likelihood that those in power cover up damaging truths, regardless of the fallout caused to the general population (a timely thought). This is a great thriller that kept me gripped and entertained until the final page. Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

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