November email update

By peter on 4th November 2016

George Bernard Shaw, who died this month 66 years ago, once said, ‘As long as I have a want, I have a reason for living’. What we want is to give you a reason for loving great books. We live for it. And what a treasure chest of golden hints and recommendations we have for you this month including fantastic gift ideas for friends and loved ones.

First Things First!

November is normally a quiet month for debuts but we think we have found a possible contender for one of our Debuts of the Year. Himself by Jess Kid is a beautifully drawn, characterful identity tale brimming with Irish charm. Our Editorial Guru, Sarah Broadhurst, said of the book ‘I loved the pictures the author paints, the dog lying by its master’s feet, the man trying to hang up his hat. Lovely images in a lovely debut. Highly recommended. Find out more.

November’s Unmissable Books of the Month

A winter wonder-world of words awaits you on our Books of the Month bookshelf this month with terrific titles like: Betrayal by Martina Cole – Nail-biting and shattering journey through the complex rules of the Columbian drug trade. Authentic, harrowing and brilliant. Under a Pole Star by Stef Penney – Incendiary, epic and engrossing tale that will take you to the ends of the earth and the deepest reaches of the human soul. The Secret by Katerina Diamond – Intense, shocking and heart-pumpingly entertaining thrill-ride and excellent follow-up to her splendidly engineered and compulsive page-turning debut The Teacher. Small Great Things – Jodi Picoult – Big issues beautifully handled. Prejudice, power and humanity. ‘To Kill a Mockingbird for the 21st Century’ (Reader Review). An Almond for a Parrot by Wray Delaney – A captivating, earthy, and striking novel set in the 18th century that reaches into the heart of friendship and love, and prods, provokes…inflames.

Hot - but not off the Press! Pre-Publication Exclusives

Your monthly chance to stay ahead of the game with a sneak peek at tomorrow’s best books. Don’t miss:
The Spy by Paul Coelho – Unforgettable, horse’s mouth account of the last days of Mata Hari by the celebrated author of The Alchemist. What Remains of Me by A. L. Gaylin – Deliciously, mind-twisting thriller that will have you guessing all the way to the spine-chilling end.
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Hark the Herald!

Good advice actually. Especially if the Herald is extolling the virtue of a book as the perfect Christmas gift. Not a last minute purchase, but a thoughtful present given with love and the promise of a lasting memory. Also, it’s really easy to wrap. Really easy. So, here’s our bookshelf of top titles, with lots more on the website, to give to your friends, family and loved ones this year.

Sumptuous Seasonal Selections

Whether as a gift for someone else, or a treat for you the festive season does bring forth a range of titles perfectly suited to the time of year. See a few choice picks on the shelf below or visit the Christmas category on the site to see more.

Put the WIN in Winter! - Free Prize Draw Round-Up

A gorgeous gaggle of giveaways greets our lucky winners this month. Give it a go. You never know. This month there’s a chance to get your hands on a highly desirable, unique and increasingly famous Lovereading canvas book bag: the perfect carrier for a limited edition signed proof of the last in Jeffrey Archer’s Clifton Chronicles; one of three copies of Poldark Series 2 DVDs, or one of three signed copies of Nomad by Alan Partridge. Now you’re winning!

Charm Offensive – The Plague Charmer by Karen Maitland

We all know about the great plagues of the 14th Century but do we really comprehend the apocalyptic decimation they caused. The upheaval to societies all over Europe, the desperate acts of people bent on survival. The blame, suspicion, fear. The witch-hunts. This is an all too real account of one village and the greatest epidemic to hit human beings. This moving, disturbing tale of humanity pushed to the edges of reason is a wonderful read and you can find it here.

150 years of Potter

No. Not the reluctant super-wizard (although we’re sure he’ll also endure that long – Ed). This is the celebration of Beatrix Potter, whose stories are still nursery favourites after 150 years!  What better way to mark this than with The Art of Beatrix Potter by Emily Zach? A wonderful collection brimming with images and rarely seen gems from the artist’s sketch book, exploring her process and timeless appeal. What with our special category on the Lovereading4Kids site, make November a fairytale journey to the innocence of happy childhood! Find out more.

A Never Ending Year - The Terry Pratchett Diary 2017

Publishing phenomenon Terry Pratchett lives on in this remarkable and inspiring perennial tribute to the great man. A rare insight into a truly unique voice in literature with contributions from friends, family and fans, including Neil Gaiman, Stephen Baxter, Colin Smythe, Rob Wilkins and own daughter Rhianna. A moving recognition of the words that surround us still from one of the greatest human brains of recent times. Click here for more. P.S. The brilliant, memorable and heart-rending debut The Light Between Oceans by M. L. Stedman has been made into a flim staring Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander. Find out more.