Mid-October eNewsletter

By peter on 20th October 2016

We know that it’s October and you’re thinking pumpkins and fireworks but, if there are two things we love at Lovereading (apart from “reading” … obviously) it’s having something to look forward to and feeling ahead of the game… So read on for October highlights and our first hint of… Christmas.

In Brief - October Highlights

Some of our favourites this month: A Suitable Lie by Michael J. Malone – A challenging, clever humdinger of a novel, brimming with unsettling darkness in a world all too recognisable. Riveting! Also Shaun Hill’s Salt is Essential. A foodie book with a difference that deserves to be read from beginning to end because you will end up a better cook. Rick Stein is a huge fan as well – ‘a book you need to own; a lifetime’s hard work in the kitchen distilled into sensible brevity. Shaun is a great cook.’

Prize Winning Crime

The highly coveted CWA Daggers have been synonymous with quality crime writing for over fifty years. The John Creasey New Blood Dagger is awarded to an outstanding first novel and has launched the careers of some of your favourite crime-fictionistas! The 2016 New Blood winner is the striking literary thriller Dodgers by Bill Beverly, which also won the Goldsboro Gold Dagger as well (practically unheard of!) and we strongly encourage you to knife your way to the front of the queue, by clicking here to visit our special category with all the winners.

The (Lost) World According to Malachy Tallack

Malachy Tallack has already taken us 60 Degrees North on an immersive, original and dazzling journey around the world. With writing as engaging and wild as the landscape and communities he encountered, it’s a travel memoir like no other. Now he’s back with The Un-Discovered Islands, a look at forgotten worlds. The places once added to maps through imagination, superstition and plain human error. These are the mysterious lands that time has eroded. A gloriously illustrated atlas of legend and wonder and a must-have for the curious. Learn more.

No Small Thing! Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult

It takes a writer of enormous skill to handle humanity’s big issues. Luckily Jodi Picoult has that skill in spades! Her latest title Small Great Things is a harrowing, thought-provoking examination of racism in America today. Her existing fans will love it and it will no doubt garner many new ones as we see it as a ‘must read’ this autumn. One of our Reader Reviewers described it as ‘To Kill a Mockingbird for the 21st Century’. Read an exclusive pre-publication extract here.

Christmas is Just Around the Corner

Okay, it’s not exactly ‘around the corner’, but it is on the horizon! If you’re the sort of person who likes to start idea hunting early, then why not let us help you choose some great, lasting gifts to bulk out their stockings this year? Take a look at the bookshelf below to get some early inspiration or visit the website for lots more ideas.

E-asy Reading! - eBooks of the month

Stay in touch with the latest digital delights for all eReaders with our definitive list of the best in eBooks. Books like: Hidden Killers by Lynda La Plante – Dark truths in innocent places. An atmospheric and engagingly real police drama from the BAFTA award-winning Queen of Crime.

You Made It! - Arts and Crafts Category

Fancy turning your hand to a spot of sewing, knitting, drawing or sticking or you know someone who would? Our Arts and Crafts category is for all you creative types! Amaze your friends and family, or just do it for yourself: there’s something for everyone. A word of warning. You WILL get hooked. Find your next hobby right here!

Group On! - Reading Groups

Our labour of love, this. A selection of talking-point titles to enjoy with friends! This month, try: The Plague Charmer by Karen Maitland – Dark Ages drama in a plague-ridden west country. Chilling community tale of trust, fear and survival.

An Autumn Selection of Independent Authors

People can be sceptical about the quality of self-published work but increasingly new authors are using this route to get a title in print and larger imprints actively look for the best of them to add to their lists. So, as we did earlier in the year, we have compiled a selection of our favourites from independently published authors who sat down, got their literary juices going and made it happen. So, why not have a look today and perhaps you might decide you have a book in you too?

We Love Reading … Nordic Noir!

Why does such amazing crime-writing originate in Scandinavian countries? Who knows? Someone probably got to the bottom of it and then found themselves drowned in a transport crate in the North Sea. Whatever the answer, we’ve all gone a little bit mad for what they call ‘Nordic Noir’ or ‘Scandi Crime’. We love it so much we’ve created a special category celebrating the very best of writers of the wonderful, cold realism of Scandinavian crime fiction. Take a deep breath and click here.

Late Autumn Book Festivals

Fight off those winter blues with the promise of heart-warming tales and heated debates at Harrogate History Festival (20-23 October), Bridport Literary Festival (6-13 November) and a chance to win tickets to hear Frank Gardner at Petworth Literary Weekend (2-6 November). And that’s October at Lovereading! We’ll be back next month with more top title tips to get you through the winter months and maybe just a few ideas for – wait for it – Christmas! See you soon. P.S. Remember to look out for the Man Booker winner on 25 October.