Lovereading poll reveals chaos of home libraries

By peter on 29th April 2014

Where did I put that book? Lovereading poll reveals chaos of home libraries As World Book Night (23 April) showed recommending books to friends is one of the best ways to discover new books but a recent poll by indicates that nearly 40% of us store our books at home ‘totally randomly’ so actually being able to find the book to lend to your friend is another thing entirely! Reassuringly in second place with 35% of the vote was ‘alphabetically by author’ – but worryingly the 3rd favourite ‘By Size’ clearly shows the influence of all those ‘how to sell your home’ shows. The thriller author Tom Rob Smith (Child 44 and The Farm) looks to be in a universe of one with his colour coded book shelves as not one of the poll responders used that approach. Peter Crawshaw Co-Founder and Director of Lovereading said – ‘I think it’s linked to our dependence on computers where filing no longer really matters as search systems are so good. It equally could be that we are just inherently lazy!’ Full poll result is shown below. Question: How do you organise your books at home? Alphabetically by Author 35% Alphabetically by Title 2% Alphabetically by Genre 4% By Size 13% By Colour 0% Totally random 39% Other - do please email  6%