January 2017 eNewsletter

By peter on 10th January 2017

Happy New Year! A page-turning 2017 awaits we can assure you. First though, you’re probably concerned with making, breaking or entirely forsaking your New Year’s Resolutions. Well, if you are wavering, or if you just fancy a fresh start after a pretty crazy 2016, why not take a leisurely stroll around our New Year, New You category and treat yourself well this January?

So Last Year! – Missed Must-Reads of 2016

2016 will be remembered for a lot of turbulent change in the political arena and the year that many heroes from the world of entertainment left the mortal coil. But it was also a bumper year for brilliance on the bookshelf. And so numerous that even the most dedicated readers among you may have missed a few! So, here is our very own expert-compiled retrospective of the literary gold-dust of 2016 to help you catch up. Enjoy!

First Footers! - Debuts of the Month

What better time to discover fabulous first-time writers than the first month of a brand new year? Don’t miss: MEGA Debut… The One Memory of Flora Banks (YA) from Emily Barr, bestselling adult author but her first YA novel – A unique, unforgettable and wondrous tale. Part coming-of-age, part thriller and part fairytale. Brilliant! Also, The Secret Lives of the Amir Sisters by Nadiya Hussain – Champions honesty, bravery, and love, open the cover and let it welcome you into its heart. And The Trouble with Goats and Sheep by Joanna Cannon – ‘A charming tale of ordinary folk sweltering in the heat. I loved it.’ our very own Sarah Broadhurst. 

Winter Winners! – January Books of the Month

A wonderful way to start the New Year. If you weren’t inundated with novels for Christmas, then have a look at three of our favourites this month.
The Veil by Joseph D’Lacey – A provocative, gut-wrenching and oh so readable pair of tales focusing on apocalyptic events. The Bone Field by Simon Kernick An action-packed and mind-gripping start to a new series that promises to deliver in spades. Dodgers by Bill Beverly A book that will come to be seen as a landmark in US crime writing. ~ Maxim Jakubowski.

Happy New YOU!

It’s the perfect time to make a fresh start and our New Year, New You section is teeming with temptation-free titles to tighten waistlines, train brains and teach old dogs new tricks. Whatever your personal ambitions in 2017, clicking here is a good place to start your quest to find the new you.

Famous Five - Costa Category Winners

Uniquely split into five categories, the Costa Book Awards is one of the biggest literary prizes out there, honouring superlative writing by novelists, biographers, debutants, poets and children’s authors. A perfect start to the year, we think, celebrating the winners of each hotly contested category. The overall winner will be announced at the end of January. Find out more.

Newer than New! - Pre-Publication Exclusives

Three reasons to find out more about our ‘Coming Soon‘ category… #1 – This is our ‘Try before you buy’ service for discerning, word-thirsty book fans. #2 – Get ahead of the game and try our exclusive extracts of great books before they hit the shelves. #3 – Don’t trust the reviews? Decide for yourself whether a book is up your street before it’s even published. See the shelves below for some January highlights.

Scroll down to see more hand-picked selections in the categories you have asked us to keep you up to date with. To change them just log in to your account. P.S. Science fans will know that Stephen Hawking is 75 this month and although he’d say it’s a very brief history in the vastness of Time, we think it’s worth celebrating by sharing details of a revised and up to the minute edition of the Hawking biography.