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Changing your facebook page to make sure posts appear on Lovereading

By peter on 22nd March 2013

How Change the URL for your Facebook Fan Page

The URLs that Facebook allocates Fan Pages by default are not that helpful and when they have the string of numbers on the end it stops us re-publishing your posts on Lovereading An example of one that didn't work was However – what you need is something like Here’s how… STEP 1) Log in to Facebook using the admin account for your Fan Page. This will be the account you were logged in with when you created your Fan Page Make sure you have at least 25 fans as Facebook won’t allow you to set your vanity URL otherwise (in order to help stop spammers / squatters).   STEP 2) Once you’re logged in, put in to your browser address bar. Just to be clear – we don’t mean replace “username” with your actual username – just type in – like this: facebook-short-URL-fan-page   STEP 3) You’ll now be taken to a page where you can set a short username for your own Facebook profile (which you can do if you like, whilst we’re here!). What we’re really interested in though is your Fan Page – underneath, you can see a list of the pages you manage: set-short-username-facebook   STEP 4) Select the Page you want to set a URL for from the dropdown list (if you’ve only got one that won’t be hard!), enter the page name you want (i.e. what you want to appear at and hit “Check Availability”. Please note that once you change your URL you’re stuck with it for life, so think carefully! If it’s available, click “OK” and  you’ve got a lovely short URL to send to everyone - and allow them to easily share your posts.

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