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Book Review. Big Miracles: The 11 Spiritual Rules for Ultimate Success by Joanna Garzilli

By peter on 14th June 2017

Many people find themselves hoping for a miracle to transform their life, but this new guide by renowned intuition coach Joanna Garzilli has a simple solution: stop waiting, and go make those miracles happen!   British-born, Los Angeles-based Garzilli counts numerous celebrities among her high-powered VIP clients, and her new book Big Miracles: The 11 Spiritual Rules for Ultimate Success for the first time brings her highly sought-after advice within reach of everyone — promising to help readers achieve their goals and transform their lives simply by listening to their inner guiding voice, or ‘Spirit’.   The author’s backstory is fascinating. As a deeply sensitive child, she had many unanswered questions and her life fluctuated between working in the highly corporate, success-driven environments of advertising and seeking spiritual voyages of discovery, including extended periods of time living with remote tribes in various parts of the world.   Interweaving her techniques and teachings with motivating personal stories, Joanna’s book, already an Amazon bestseller In the USA, may well convince even the greatest spiritual sceptics to give her teachings a try.   The author writes from the heart, and her candid descriptions of her youthful unhappiness and some ill-advised life choices help readers to appreciate how embracing her spiritual side helped her to make miracles happen in her own life.   She explains how anybody has the power within themselves to replace worry, anxiety and depression with peace and true happiness; trade self-doubt for self-acceptance; shed insecurity and find true fulfilment.   Joanna’s key message is that we should listen to our true wants and desires rather than try to stifle these, because by doing so we only set ourselves on a path to frustration and unhappiness. Whether that end goal is greater wealth, a fitter physique or a fulfilling romantic life, it should not be viewed as selfish, greedy or superficial – as long as it is what our spiritual self truly desires.   We are all spiritual beings, she says, and we need to recognise when we have become ‘spiritually misaligned’ and take active steps to correct this, by following a series of spiritual ‘rules’ to achieve success.   The 11 Spiritual Rules set out in the book can easily be applied by any reader. The first rule is simply to ‘align with Spirit’ - this being the name that Joanna gives to our inner voice, the guiding force that wants each of us to achieve our greatest potential.   The author begins by helping readers to identify signs of misalignment, which can come in many forms. For example, it could be manifested in a feeling of ill-health, envy of others, or simply an overall sense of personal discomfort.   Through a series of simple exercises such as keeping a ‘Miracle Diary’ to record feelings, sensations and ‘signs’ - she guides readers towards their own awakening, though Joanna warns to be prepared for some deep, and often painful, soul-searching  before settling on the right life path.   Once this misalignment is clear then the reader can get to work addressing the fulfilment of their goals, with Joanna setting out  a range of easy-to-follow techniques that she herself has applied to her own life in order to find the success, happiness and balance that previously proved elusive.   These are laid out as the rules, and include such prescripts as ‘Commit to Your Breakthrough’, ‘Forgive Mistakes’, ‘Believe in Your Ability’ and ‘Accept Responsibility’. Joanna eloquently explains how to nurture a connection to Spirit, and build on this new connection to manifest those real-life miracles, breaking free of self-imposed boundaries and tapping into your own divine guidance, intuition and energies to make things happen.   The author sets every reader a challenge — to question their life and understand the tools needed to improve it — and you can’t but help feel the momentum and be inspired into a positive, go-getting frame of mind.   Big Miracles will appeal to anybody who feels frustrated, unhappy or stuck in a rut, and is an excellent, inspirational read for those who recognise the power of the inner self and want to access a series of practical steps to silencing the inner critic and unleashing the full force of their creativity and potential.   Big Miracles: The 11 Spiritual Rules for Ultimate Success by Joanna Garzilli (HarperCollins) is available now, priced £11.58 in paperback, £15.90 in hardback and £8.99 as an eBook. Visit

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