Save Our Books Campaign - Make the right call on copyright

Save Our Books is a campaign by UK authors, literary agents, publishers and other supportive partners to prevent the government from heading the wrong way on copyright.

The UK is home to internationally acclaimed writing and publishing, its book trade a dynamic, multi-faceted cultural force creating stories and characters that inspire, entertain and educate on page, stage and multiple screens.

Think of a story, any story. Novel, picture book, history, essential handbook, memorable memoir. Any character, author or poem you love. Paddington, the Gruffalo, Zadie Smith, John Le Carré, Sylvia Plath, Bernardine Evaristo – name your own favourite. Bestsellers, prize winners, debuts, translated masterworks, beloved childhood books and evergreen classics – each one shaped in the hope that all their creators would receive a reasonable share for their work.

Weakening copyright would diminish, damage, and potentially destroy all of this. The proposals for post Brexit changes to our copyright laws would be devastating to authors, publishers, book sellers and ultimately readers. 

LoveReading wholeheartedly supports this campaign to urge our government to make the right call on copyright.

It is easy to support. Check it out!

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