November Round-up: Feast Your Eyes on Our Favourite Titles from This Month

November, as always, started with fireworks and is drawing to a close with the sound of jingle bells and gentle acoustic covers of 80s ballads. But before the countdown to Christmas begins in earnest, take a look at some of the books we've love reading this month.

Fiction Books of the Month

Our Fiction Book of the Month titles for November include cosy crime, exceptional poetry and short stories, a triumph of a historical fiction and more. ⁠Click to take a look at all of our Book of the Month recommendations.

The Crystal Crypt by Fiona Veitch Smith - This wonderfully evocative and vivacious 1920’s murder mystery features a female sleuth and reporter investigating a suspicious death.

A Three Dog Problem by SJ Bennett - S.J. Bennett returns with the second in her “Her Majesty, the Queen, investigates” series; a glorious, right Royal, rip-roaring rollick of a read, based on the best “what if” in recent years.

Into the Fire by Rachael Blok - A highly engaging and entertaining crime mystery set during a country house party for the luxury launch of a new tech company.

The Swift and the Harrier by Minette Walters - A truly, utterly, gripping English Civil War love story that is as fleet and majestic as the birds of the title. This is Minette Walters at her brilliant best.

Queer Life. Queer Love by Golnoosh Nour, Matt Bates, Sarah Beal, Kate Beal - 43 writings that centre exceptional Queer voices through short stories, poetry, and narrative non-fiction.

The Rabbit Factor by Antti Tuomainen - Think you know what to expect from “Nordic Noir’? Then think again, because in the hands of Tuomainen in The Rabbit Factor, it’s the funniest, darkest, most suspenseful and deliciously absurd read of the year.

Femlandia by Christina Dalcher - Another twisty turny rollercoaster ride of emotion and thought-provoking themes.

The Christmas Bookshop by Jenny Colgan - An Edinburgh Bookshop needs rescuing in this gorgeous feel-good Christmas story containing family complications, new friendships, and enticing romance.

Sugar by Bernice McFadden - An incredibly moving page-turning debut by a masterful storyteller about two broken very different women bonded by pain.

Non-Fiction Books of the Month

Travel, be inspried, or get ready to entertain with our November Non-Fiction Books of the Month. Click to explore more of our Non-Fiction recommendations.

Rise by Maliha Abidi - Inspirational illustrated anthology of 100 women of colour who’ve blazed a trail to rise to the top of their respective fields, with world-changing impact.

The Book of Change by Stephen Ellcock - Prepare to be challenged in the best possible way while you view images that travel through time and around the world.

Manifesto by Bernardine Evaristo - A powerful and entertaining memoir and manifesto for an unstoppable courageous life by Booker prize winning Evaristo.

Together by Jamie Oliver - A stress-free step-by-step guide to entertaining, no matter what the occasion.

Himalaya by Ed Douglas - An Epic History of Life Among the World’s Highest Mountains

Debuts of the Month

This November we have three Debuts of the Month to share with you. An enchanting and magical retelling of The Nutcraker and gripping crime thrillers.⁠ Looking for more brand new authors to fall in love with? Click this link to expore our previous recommendations.

Stop at Nothing by Lucy Martin - A twisting, chilling crime thriller reeling with family friction and psychological intrigue.

Midnight in Everwood by M.A. Kuzniar - An absolute dream of a read awaits in this magical, enchanting, and edgy retelling of The Nutcracker.

Ghost Bird by Lisa Fuller - First Nations community, culture and spiritual beliefs are at the fore of this exceptional Queensland-set thriller that sees a teen girl search for her missing twin

eBooks of the Month

If you're looking for additions to your digital bookshelf this month, out eBooks of the Month for November offer life affirming friendships, gripping psychological thrillers and seasonal escapes.⁠ Click to explore more of our eBook recommendations.

When Harry Met Minnie by Martha Teichner - A beautiful evocation of how the phrase “man’s best friend” misses the obvious reverse, that we are “dog’s best friend”, and how Martha’s love of her Bull Terriers led to life affirming friendships.

Cold Boy's Wood by Carol Birch - At once elusive and intense, this suspenseful psychological mystery teems with ghosts from the past as a body is unearthed in a rural village.

Christmas at the Island Hotel by Jenny Colgan - Set on a Scottish island this lovely Christmas romance wraps gentle humour, beautiful relationships, and spark filled plot up in the most deliciously warming hug.

The Christmas Escape by Sarah Morgan - Reunions of the familial, friendship and romantic kind resound through this Lapland-set story of finding seasonal bliss.

Mirrorland by Carole Johnstone - This gripping psychological thriller tells the twisting tale of twin sisters tormented by their childhood imaginary world of pirates, witches and clowns.

Liz's Picks of the Month

Once again, Editorial Expert Liz Robinson has delivered a varied batch of books for her November Liz Picks. If you want to browse more books that Liz has given her seal of approval to, click here and explore the extensive selection.

The Ruin of All Witches by Malcolm Gaskill - Take a walk into the past in this compelling, readable and thought-provoking book that examines the history of a witch-hunt in 1651.

The Dead of Winter by Nicola Upson - A cracking plot, interesting characters, and fabulous location make this historical crime mystery one for your Christmas reads list.

Midnight in Everwood by M.A. Kuzniar - An absolute dream of a read awaits in this magical, enchanting, and edgy retelling of The Nutcracker.

This is the Canon by Joan Anim-Addo, Deirdre Osborne - A beautiful opportunity to rethink your reading lists and discover books from around the world.

It Takes Two by Natalie Cox - Highlighting the beauty of friendship as well as romance, this is a savvy and diverting romantic comedy.

The Snow Song by Sally Gardner - A hint of magic nudges reality in this striking tale about a woman who stops speaking when the snow begins to fall.

Star Books

Our Star Books, these are the highest of highlights, the brightest of shining stars and at the end of the year come together to make up our Books of the Year. Click here to find out which titles have been lucky enough to make the cut this year.

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