June 2021 Book Club Recommendation: Erringby by Gill Darling

Erringby is a rich and evocative novel of heart and soul, excess and selfishness, vulnerability and hope. Gill Darling's debut is a reimagining of Great Expectations, yet stands proud as its own unique creation. The darker side of life sits within the pages, yet it calls, in fact clamours for attention. The characters stand out as vivid, vibrant bursts of colour, even when showing their less attractive sides. There is much to ponder over with this novel, from the links to Great Expectations, to the coming-of-age theme, through to the passionate and provocative words that wrap themselves around you. We think this would make a wonderful talking point within a book club and recommend this gorgeous read to you.

While we are quite sure there will be plenty to chat about, we have ten suggested questions to start you off:

  • Did you think about Great Expectations at all as you were reading, or did you explore the links between the two at the end?
  • What part do you think Erringby played in the novel?
  • Who do you feel acted as the most responsible adult through Erringby?
  • How did the different decades change your thoughts about Kit?
  • At times this is a disturbing read, what points made you really flinch, and how did that affect your thoughts about the novel?
  • Who do you feel was the most selfish person within Erringby and how did they influence the other characters?
  • What was your ultimate impression of the relationship between Col and Marianne?
  • If you've read Great Expectations what do you feel was the most memorable link between the two novels?
  • What feelings did the cover evoke before and after reading?
  • What three words would you use to describe Erringby?

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