Chances are, some (or many) of the books you most remember from childhood will share something in common. Namely, the iconic image of a certain red and black insect that‘s represented Ladybird books for over a century.

Long dedicated to design excellence and an ethos of development, discovery and helping young readers find out more about the world, 2022 has seen Ladybird refresh its wings for the 21st-century, while retaining its distinctive style and commitment to creating curious minds.

Read on to find out how Ladybird are helping future generations fly even further, with huge thanks to Angel Seeboruth, Senior Brand Marketing Executive, for taking the time to talk to us about Ladybird’s smart, child-centred changes.

What values and aims define Ladybird? 

Here at Ladybird, we aim to build curious little minds of the future and understand and help real families. We provide fun, helpful, expert-led books and advice for key need state areas, whether potty training, tackling bedtime routines, or starting school.

Development and discovery are at the heart of everything we do! From soothing stories to fun formats for little fingers, we work with trusted and playful content that is welcoming, inclusive and educational, so children aged 0-7 can learn about the world. We are here to help our community of families make growing up the best story ever!

Why do you think grown-ups and children still adore Ladybird books after some 108 years?

Since the first classic Ladybird book was published in 1914, Ladybird has become an iconic, global brand beloved by generations. We play a vital role in creating the next generation of readers, and often, a Ladybird book is the very first book a baby or child encounters. We are where nostalgia meets forward-thinking, and our books continue to be trusted to help 0–7s learn, play and grow – sparking plenty of smiles along the way and opening a gateway into the world of reading.

How are Ladybird’s core values reflected in the recent refresh of the Ladybird brand?

We wanted to ensure that our ambition to publish fun books is reflected in our brand, so our new look had to capture the playful spirit of Ladybird. With curiosity and discovery at the heart of what we do, we wanted a look and feel that was both exciting and flexible to work with our wide range of books and expert content.

Why was now the time for the refresh? In terms of branding, did anything absolutely have to stay?

This was the biggest change to the Ladybird brand in its history, and we wanted to ensure we honoured our past whilst looking forward to a new and bright future. Since last updating our style guide, a lot has changed: the digital landscape, consumer tastes, and even our own publishing. So, we sought to refresh our brand toolkit to be more modern, inspiring and digital-first, to bring to life the books that children love today and to engage parents and caregivers across every brand touch point.

Red and black have been synonymous with the Ladybird brand for generations, and so to help ensure new readers continue to associate red and black with Ladybird, these classic colours have remained and will be used when speaking to new audiences. Combined with our new suite of bright and playful colours, we are taking the classic Ladybird brand into a new age!

Do you have a personal favourite Ladybird book or series from childhood? And what about your favourite Ladybird series, or book, from recent years?

From recent years, I absolutely love the Ten Minutes to Bed range. All the books are enchantingly illustrated and follow the perfect pattern to wind down to sleep – and there are so many adorable characters.

As a child, I had a full collection of Ladybird tales which I loved to read, from Rapunzel to Puss in Boots. I have so many great memories reading these with my parents, and it’s amazing to see them being passed down to the little ones in my family now.

As Senior Brand Marketing Executive for Penguin Random House, what does your typical day look like (if such a thing exists!)? Besides Ladybird, what do you work on?

Every day is an exciting one at Ladybird! I’m grateful to work with such wonderful titles full of beloved characters and exciting worlds. I mainly spend my days developing brand campaigns that feature a range of our titles across key need state areas.

In addition, I work closely with the Social team to brainstorm content ideas for our community of families online and with our Website team to promote expert-led content on our website. I also work with our Editorial teams to identify key backlist titles for need states and learn about new titles publishing to see how we can support them with marketing. And, of course, I read plenty of fun stories!

What can little Ladybird-lovers look forward to in the coming months?

Keep an eye out on our channels across October for some fun content and expert advice around the Bath, Book, Bedtime routine ahead of the autumn clock change, and for a lovely winter brand campaign from November featuring our bestselling titles!

We’ve also got some exciting new publishing across the winter period, with many of our favourite characters and more.

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